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  1. byza_dog

    250exc no power

    went to the local mx track for a club day today, was rideing well in frist race, comeing third then bike lost heaps of power, like the powervalve wasnt working, it would still pull in the lower revs, but wouldnt rev and ran out of power very early, ended up comeing fourth then came home. 7 hours ago i did a piston, rings, gaskets, and cleaned all the powervalve free of carbon and it had been running sweet as. i pulled the right pv cover off, disconnected the push rod and the valve operates very smoothly and freely, filter wasnt overly dirty, plug was new at rebuild. the bike now has 96 hours on it i think well very closeto that could the reeds be damaged maybe? they were fine at rebuild. it really seems like the powervalve to me though, as it did the same thing just before the rebuild (last race meet) but that was due to carbon buildup. how likeley is it that there is an issue within the system? the bike is an 08 250exc 96 ish hours thanks for any help, sorry for the limited info i didnt play with it too much today i was too angry that its done this 2 meets in a row
  2. byza_dog

    rebuild, what should i do

    thanks ttoks trust an australian to give me a good informative reply that answers my question i appreciate it and no i dont re use gaskets i meant same gasket as in same size maybe i needed tomake it more clear but thats too ****ing bad sorry for the language give me bad gas bye and thanks
  3. byza_dog

    rebuild, what should i do

    thanks for the reply.... i am relatively new to 2 strokes so any info helps this is my first one, had it since last november what would be a signal that they are bad... i just took the jug off and left the head on cylinder to do the rings so its pretty easy, was just checking if its worth my while doing the head. and yeah i will just use the same gasket again
  4. byza_dog

    rebuild, what should i do

    k, doing a rebuild on my 08 250exc went raceing at the local mx track on the weekend, 2 firsts and a dnf coz me powervalve is stuck shut, just carbon, so i am cleaning it all out and seeings the bike has 87hours on it i am going to do a piston, rings and all the gaskets and stuff. so the questions 1, seeing i can do it all without takeing the head off the cylinder should i just leave it on or take it off and put new o rings in? 2, the manual shows 4 different gasket thicknesses for the base gasket, i think standard is .5mm what will a thinner gasket do for me? or thicker? 3, should i do the crank bearings? if its something you check on when its appart how do i check? 4, which parts are interchangeable from the 08 sx and the 08 exc? coz the shop couldnt get me a powervalve gasket when i did the rings last time, so i had to make one from gasket paper. just keen to know the differences betwene sx parts and what i should do while ita appart, i have no rush to get it done and want to do anything i should while i am at it even if it doesnt need doing quite yet. and i have all the tools and stuff to do it myself so it wont cost much. thanks for any help
  5. byza_dog

    Some good news! and bad lol

    i like the bike, despite the fact its a 4 stroke, and good on ya for getting third!!!
  6. byza_dog

    rm125 vs rmz250

    ride each bike, thats probably the best advice you will get, we dont know what you will like, but you will so ride them doesnt have to be suzuki either they are all pretty similar
  7. the bike i own now, 08 ktm250exc smoker, its set up too good and i dont want anything changed. but i surpose i could go a new one of the same thing, and i would stick with the kickstart only, i dont need that electric start bullshit, and its a 2 stroke for christ sake they dont need it. but i have been considering a 125 or a 150. if i had to go a 4 stroke it would probably be a ktm 250
  8. honestly, i wouldnt give up rideing/raceing for one night or even a whole week with any woman or girl.... and if i were to give up for a girl it wouldnt be for a famous person, there are plenty of good lookers in the local area and the famous thing isnt a turn on for me yeah 250 posts, same number as the cubic capacity of my 08 ktm smoker!!!! damn i love that bike, words just cant explain how brilliant it is
  9. byza_dog

    Which exhaust has the best sound?

    dunno man i like pastranas bike and the oldschool 250's like mcgraths cr my 250exc is alright not very raw tho
  10. byza_dog

    Your first Enduro.

    but if your raceing against people and you are a decent rider then if you are good enough to pass someone it doesnt matter who the hell it is, you should pass them, you'd look like a fool waiting for them to get going again. but if they are faster than you and catch up to you just pull off the trail to let them by. my first enduro was yesterday, pony express actually... 2 man tag team raceing a marked course 30mins long i had made sure i was rideing pretty well before i entered one, but thats mostly because i was saveing cash to get my bike and licence and all that. the only advice i can give is this, ask questions, if you are unsure just go and ask someone, tell them it is your first time and you dont have much of an idea, if the person is half decent they will be more than happy to help you out. also dont ride 100% you will get tired just ride a little under your ability for the first one to get an idea of whats required of your body. and do not get worried about little mistakes, or even small crashes, they dont cost you bugger all time so just forget about it look ahead and ride on. and have fun!
  11. anything hilly in an enduro is a workout because severe brakeing and acceleration bumps appear really quick from all the bikes. and when you are raceing for a few hours over a rough track it can be tireing
  12. i found that useing some sheep lube (lanotec or something similar) or an oily substance keeps it free, though it doesnt hurt to pull it out every now and again for a clean etc
  13. byza_dog

    Do NOT use sunline sprocket bolts

    good on ya mate, sometimes you've just gotta get stuck in
  14. byza_dog

    Something HAS to be wrong with my bike

    alright, to clean powervalve you probably want to get yourself a service manual for your bike and it will have detailed instructions on how to disasemble it and put back togeather, honestly it sounds as though this would be your problem, but jetting aswell, and rich jetting will cause powervalve problems and spooge out the exhaust i seriously hope i have been of some assistance and for everyone else, when someone is asking for help and has no idea, dont just say do this do that, yeah its good you are telling them what they need to do but its useless unless they know how to do it
  15. byza_dog

    Something HAS to be wrong with my bike

    i find it funny how everyone is saying that he should do all this stuff like check clutch, check freeplay etc the kid obviously doesnt know how to do this stuff by himself and nobody has told him how, except one person who gave him an idea on how to check the clutch. ok, probably not causeing you your issues but do this anyway. check clutch freeplay and adjust to correct ammount, do this by grabing your lever, push it as far out as it will go, then pull it in till you can feel it is operating the clutch. this will give you a distance of how much flee play the lever has your lever might move 1/4 inch might move 1/2 inch you want the freeplay to be so the end of the lever moves in about 1/4 inch maybe a touch more before anything happens change the plug, cheap and simple, and atleast you then know that it isnt the problem as it is a new one. the plug has a white ring around the centre piece, it should be a tan colour, white means the bike is too lean= needs more fuel black means its too rich= too much fuel to check clutch wear, ride bike along in 5th gear about half throttlethen pin it and very soon after pinning it (do not let off the gas) pull the clutch in a bit (motor will rev) and let it out again very fast, if the clutch is good it will grab quickly and the revs will return to about where they were when you pulled the clutch in, if the clutch is stuffed it will grab slowly and the revs die back very slowly because the clutch is slipping empty tank, put in fresh fuel, and oil mixed at 40:1 take carb off bikeor leave it on and take jets out make sure they are clean, use carb cleaner or gas and something thin to put in jet holes. to get to the jets you will need to take the very lower part of the carby off and you can access then then. then put back togeather...... and wright down all the numbers that are on the jets. change jets as required to make eaner/richer depending on the numbers, the plug and what people on here say. ride it and see how it goes..... if still not too good clean out powervalve will tell you how to do that later gotta go eat dinner