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  1. Modmotoman

    2015 yz450f major issue

    Check your TPS you could have a dead zone. (throttle position sensor) I didn't read the piles of post so I don't know if you checked for fixed issue yet so please save the drama everyone. Anyhow sometimes when you have a faulty TPS you can open and close the throttle (bike off) fast about 20 to 30 times then start the bike up and it will "act" better slightly for a moment or two... This is how I often diagnose these fast before checking with meter.
  2. Modmotoman

    CRF450r Decompression mod video. (flameout cure)

    Heres his one man band after 5pm. http://youtu.be/nYGQ-e2kZQM
  3. Modmotoman

    Another flameout thread...

    This is almost ready for its own sticky. Too bad Honda mods are the most debating and disagreeing in just about every forum. This is why a few of us have stopped sharing and supporting but its sad to watch people spend thousands of dollars on disinformation that goes viral. Everyone wants to sell you something I guess.
  4. Modmotoman

    Another flameout thread...

    Anyhow you can work (or chat) around the problem till the cows come home and even band aid it like turners have been doing for years. Believe it or not the cause of the problem has been given to you and it should be sold instead but anyways carry on I have better things to do like ride. OUT
  5. Modmotoman

    Another flameout thread...

    "Blowing the spark out"? common guys this is just a simple 4 stroke motor. Nothing special here other then there is a decompression mechanism to aid in kick starting and it has issues. This problem started way earlier then the 09 model. I am honestly surprised more people have not put a finger on the problem by know.
  6. Modmotoman

    Another flameout thread...

    I run a Rekluse clutch, 12-55 gearing, idle @5k and plug gap so tight its sick...Problem solved
  7. Modmotoman

    2014 motor cut out over large jump...

    Dam I remember you telling me your bike cut out last week at bartow but I was unaware you crashed. This is Keith you know the one with the new white 13 yz450f...anyhow dont rule out water in fuel. A small amount of water will stay seperated and kill the motor at will. I would dump full first into clear container and inspect before I go ripping into the bike.
  8. Modmotoman

    2012 YZ450 loose exhaust valve

    I found absolutely no carbon build up on my head other than thin dusty finger whipping carbon. There was the normal carbon on the piston that was minimum and this is a stock 2010 with 70 hours of use on the meter. It is hard to detect if the valve is flattening at its early stage but if you see that it is brighter than the rest at the tip of the valve stem I would replace it as the coating is worn and it is wearing the valve fast. It’s not uncommon for specs to change very slightly after disassemble and reassemble this is due to many factors including possible flipping the shim due to workman’s error not that it really matters (hopefully not). Like we do on sport bikes run it for 5 minutes let it cool down then recheck if your certain you put every little part back in the same location and torqued to spec at that point you will have your correct reading.
  9. Modmotoman

    2012 YZ450 loose exhaust valve

    Yeah i never seen carbon lift a valve on a clean running none EGR valve/ none pcv valve motor. I pretty much knew what your problem was right from the jump but im glad you decided to check it again before you DNF a jump.
  10. Modmotoman

    2012 YZ450 loose exhaust valve

    Yeah i replaced my valve super easy cheap fix. No more ticking
  11. Modmotoman

    So the new yz450f is....

    Yes it can. The roll on power is very close to the older 05-08 CRF450 with more responce but it does run short on over rev. You might want to change the map a bit and gearing.
  12. Modmotoman

    So the new yz450f is....

    I know they are but like i said "This may be in due to the power curve of the motor but still" I stated the power curve is totally different so is the motor, timing curve and fuel delivery. These two motors cannot compare I have owned them both.
  13. Modmotoman

    So the new yz450f is....

    The old 06 and 07 was fine with a 48 rear but the 2010 plus has major gaps between gears with the 13/48. This may be in due to the power curve of the motor but still,
  14. Modmotoman

    So the new yz450f is....

    Yes it is grossly undergeared stock.
  15. Modmotoman

    Falling out under riding.

    does the new ECU show the same codek?