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  1. I think the easiest thing to do is look on ebay and get one for about $50 I just sold one.
  2. ds66

    My ESR 325 Review

    Great post, just ordered my 325 kit today... Will also be adding a heavier fly wheel to my bike. I ride mostly sand, occasionally race hard pack.. A bit concerned about the looping out comment? Hope I didn't just buy myself more trouble. Lol
  3. Thanks R1, I recon you are right. The engine is being done this week.
  4. I am just about to do the bottom end on my sons' 2012 yz85... he has done 70hr on it with 4 pistons along the way. He is a B-grade racer, any ideas how long the bottom end should last?
  5. ds66

    Yz250 vs crf450

    suzirider, I just got the springs for my weight... Didn't bother with valving as the yz has the SSS forks. Set all my clickers to the middle and moved them a few clicks here and there to get the feeling I was after. The YZ is the easiest bike to ride in terms of handling that I have every had.
  6. ds66

    Yz250 vs crf450

    I have just traded my 09 crf450r for a 2007 yz250.... Wow I should have just bought the yz in the first place. Points you want to be aware of before getting the crf, 1. The crf suffers from flame out in a bit way.. 2. The crf will cost a fair bit more money to set up the suspension.. Lowering link heavier springs etc. I always had problems with the front end washing out. 3. Crf has a crappy 4 spring clutch, gets vague as the ride goes on. 4. It has valves...ahhhhhhhhrg I hate valve. My findings on the yz.. 1. Get the right springs set up sag and she will turn, I did pull the front forks through the triples about 6mm to get her to turn a little faster. 2. Get the jetting right and heaven on a dirt bike is not far away. 3. No valves, cheap to fix and with a good rider in the saddle will hassle the 450s a fair bit. My 2cw
  7. ds66

    New to me 05

    I recon 14-48 is spot in, but it all depends on what kind of riding you do.... Congrats on the new to you bike, I love mine.
  8. ds66

    Bad spark plug or something more?

    I had this with my ktm, looks like just a bad plug... Since having that bike I always carry a spare plug with me.
  9. ds66

    My YZ250 Money Pit

    This will still end up cheaper than a full rebuild of a 4 stroke. personally I would keep the motor as close to stock as possible because when we start using motors to the edge of their performance they tend not to last as long. Hope you keep this thread going it would be nice to see how it turns out. Some pics would be good.
  10. ds66

    4t more dangerous than 2t?

    It's not a 2t v 4t at all.... It's my 450r is trying to kill me thread lol.... Why? Does it want to do that?
  11. ds66

    My New to me 450R

    Anything is easier to handle than the 500, as for love...I think my bike loves to hurt me, my 2t never hurt me as much as the 450.
  12. ds66

    4t more dangerous than 2t?

    I think the way the power is delivered on a 4t is so linear that if you get a jump or a corner wrong there is almost no way of correcting the mistake mid stroke.. A 2t can change mid corner if needed because the way the power is delivered. Not to mention the fact that anyone sitting on a 2t mx bike is always on high alert..
  13. ds66

    2004 CRF450R seized time for a rebuild :)

    I recon you would be cheaper to rebuild the engine you have. Unless the cases have been damaged?
  14. ds66

    07 crf 45o tear down

    With those hours I would replace the piston and check the valves at the very leased.
  15. ds66

    My New to me 450R

    I have 450r 2009 that I use only for trail riding. Th first thing I did was get a baseplate then I got a Rekluse core exp, wow it made the bike heaps easier to ride.