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  1. could anybody supply me with a link on oil change and valve calibration for the 06 smr510? I searched and couldn't find anything A video or pictures would be nice! I thought i'd do the second oil change myself since the dealer is far away. Thanks edit:sorry....here is the valve clearance article with great pics/ thanks rollyCA! how about adjusting them..... and then, change the oil ?
  2. spiro

    o6 smr510 kickstarter?

    turns out it was bad gas! I drained it and went and got new gas.....started right up.....Now.... how about that kickstarter? I would like to put one on anyway!
  3. spiro

    o6 smr510 kickstarter?

    Thanks for your quick reply Ill try that today and report back
  4. Is there a kickstarter for the 06 smr510? I tried to start it today after 1.5 months of inactivity and it took a day, a battery and a spark plug. when I finally got it started it stalled about a minute later (I had to push it for a half mile) the battery was dead! any ideas as to whats wrong with it not starting? I have about 500 miles on it, I bought it last year but wasnt able to ride it much. I want to get a kickstarter for moments like these....
  5. thanks everyone for replying I adjusted the clutch a couple of clicks and it hasnt done it since?????? I dont know what to say!!! could it be that two clics can make such big difference? Anyway all good for now!
  6. here is what I found out so far, http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=16530
  7. I have 255 street miles on it and just got an oil change/checked valves etc soon as I started it up I heard a metalic-vibrating kind of noise coming from somewhere in the motor, checked all screws and was satisfied they where all tight.so I kind of ignored it for now...... Rode mabe another 40 miles in the next day or so, I m doing about 55 mph when I twisted the throttle all the way to make a pass on the highway, thats when it happened first, the RPMs went nuts but the bike wasnt jumping forward as it had done in the past. tried a few more times and got the same result......... am I doing something wrong? is there a possibillity that the mechanic did something to it when he was checking the valve clearance/changing the oil? I just dont wanna believe that the clutch went bad already!!!!! thanks for your help BTW if its the clutch the bike is for sale Im in central jersey..... :