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  1. peraltaben

    400 E vs. S ?'s

    i need help. ive been riding quads forever. i can hold wheelies for a long time. i just bought a drz400sm. i cant do wheelies no matter how much i practice. i just cannot get used to the twist throttle. does anyone know how i can install a thumb throttle? the thumb throttle is no problem for me. im so used to it. im used to holding onto the bars for dear life, and the twist just feels way wrong to me. somebody please help me.
  2. peraltaben

    Seat Foam

    ive added foam to all my quad seats any upholstery shop will do it for you. it only costs anywhere from 40 dollars to 65.00 and you can pick out the new colors for your seats. i usually two tone the seats so that it looks custom. my yfz450 felt like a brick, now its beautiful.
  3. peraltaben

    BIG yfz problem

    ive had many quads for many years and i have never ever shut the gas off. you guys are crazy--i have a 2005 yfz450 and an ltz400. ive owned raptors and trx450's and warriors-they never gave me any problems.