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  1. JMwr400

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    To the OP, in my years of experience and ownership of both Euro and Japanese motorcycles.........the answer is yes. You may close the thread now.
  2. Loading the bike in the back of the truck after a race, I had the front end up on the tailgate and reached down for the swing arm to hoist up the back. As the rear tire starts rotating on the tailgate, my finger gets caught between the chain and sprocket! Didn't hurt until about 10 seconds later after pulling it out and I almost pissed myself it hurt SOOO bad! The finger throbbed driving the whole way home.
  3. I have both a jacket similar to that and a mesh jacket for my street bike. I'll wear them on the dual sport if I'm doing mostly pavement. Pavement hurts.
  4. JMwr400

    Dual Sport Groups / Sites / Forums in Northeast USA?

    Check out the Regional section on ADVrider.com
  5. JMwr400

    Cold weather riding

    Heated jacket liner. For years I used to layer up and look like the Michelin man, but heated gear changes ALL the rules. If you've never used heated gear before , you will kick yourself in the ass after for not doing it sooner. Seriously, hands down the single best purchase for riding I've ever made.
  6. JMwr400

    caught with his pants down

    Pants?.......As my old man and former mustang Marine used to say, "Only women and sailors wear pants. Men wear trousers!"
  7. JMwr400

    Budds Creek Spectator attendance.

    The area we were sitting definitely had a lot more room than usual. Keep in mind that with the heat, a lot of people are in the shady spots and maybe not seen in the broadcasts.
  8. JMwr400

    Show your PIG

    Since I had my '93 pig stolen over a month ago, I've since replaced her with a 2000. Also added security lights locks and alarm to my shed. I'm pretty sure they caught those involved, but no sign of the stolen bike yet. Here's a pic of the new one.
  9. JMwr400

    What do Roczen and Pokemon Go have in common?

    So in the shower, you start thinking of Roczen and a load in the ass. Hmmmmm. You must go through a lot of soap.
  10. JMwr400

    Anyone love both dirt and street?

    I ride or commute street every day that isn't raining or ice. I'm 56 and been riding since 10 years old, and street since age 16. I'm not scared. Actually I've had more permanent physical damage due to dirtbikes.
  11. JMwr400

    High Point Recap vid

    Cool concept, but why do you ride on the oil strip?
  12. If you only had a knife and wire/paracord, wrap the wire/paracord around the bolt and then put your knife between the ends like a T. Then twist the wire/paracord like a tourniquet around the bolt and tighten or loosen like you would with an oil filter wrench.
  13. JMwr400

    Mud at Budds creek

    Glad I held off buying those tickets! Rain in the morning and heavy rain in the afternoon. Maybe thunderstorms. I'll be enjoying the race in dry comfort, beer in hand, and on the couch in front of the big screen.
  14. JMwr400

    Unidentified Object/Part

    Looks like one of the spacers behind the rear disk brake caliper cover.