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  1. Check out the Regional section on
  2. Heated jacket liner. For years I used to layer up and look like the Michelin man, but heated gear changes ALL the rules. If you've never used heated gear before , you will kick yourself in the ass after for not doing it sooner. Seriously, hands down the single best purchase for riding I've ever made.
  3. Pants?.......As my old man and former mustang Marine used to say, "Only women and sailors wear pants. Men wear trousers!"
  4. The area we were sitting definitely had a lot more room than usual. Keep in mind that with the heat, a lot of people are in the shady spots and maybe not seen in the broadcasts.
  5. Since I had my '93 pig stolen over a month ago, I've since replaced her with a 2000. Also added security lights locks and alarm to my shed. I'm pretty sure they caught those involved, but no sign of the stolen bike yet. Here's a pic of the new one.
  6. Motocross

    So in the shower, you start thinking of Roczen and a load in the ass. Hmmmmm. You must go through a lot of soap.
  7. I ride or commute street every day that isn't raining or ice. I'm 56 and been riding since 10 years old, and street since age 16. I'm not scared. Actually I've had more permanent physical damage due to dirtbikes.
  8. Motocross

    Cool concept, but why do you ride on the oil strip?
  9. If you only had a knife and wire/paracord, wrap the wire/paracord around the bolt and then put your knife between the ends like a T. Then twist the wire/paracord like a tourniquet around the bolt and tighten or loosen like you would with an oil filter wrench.
  10. Motocross

    Glad I held off buying those tickets! Rain in the morning and heavy rain in the afternoon. Maybe thunderstorms. I'll be enjoying the race in dry comfort, beer in hand, and on the couch in front of the big screen.
  11. Looks like one of the spacers behind the rear disk brake caliper cover.
  12. Supercross

    Erin is super hot and super nice! Twice I've seen her at Budd's Creek and just in passing just said, "Hi Erin". Both times she stopped and came over and talked for a few minutes. She surprised me once when I asked if I could get a picture with her and she snuggled right up to me for the pic!
  13. I change all my tires, both street and dirt with my Harbor Freight tire changer with motorcycle adapter and No-Mar bar. Easy.
  14. Slip, if you're talking about the pics above, I used whatever version of Krylon Fusion that Lowe's has. Plus a couple coats of clear.Then a couple coats of wax. The exhaust is just a high temperature barbeque grill paint.