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    Chinese Dual sports - Where'd you get yours?

    I've also looked at one on eBay but no name is shown on it at all. eBay 200cc I've got a 20 mile commute and can choose freeway or two lane road. cdogg31- I'm about 30 miles northwest of Charlotte. Love the Outer Banks; we vacation there every summer.
  2. chuckmccall

    Chinese Dual sports - Where'd you get yours?

    This is an awesome thread. I've found out more about Chinese motorcycles than I ever found anywhere else. I have also been thinking about buying a motorcycle to help with my gas expense. I have not owned a motorcycle in many years but with the rising cost of gas, I'm looking at my alternatives. Since my reason to buy is to save money, I naturally don't want to invest much. I have been researching the motorcycles made in China. I have read all the pros and cons and I understand that the reliability isn't always there but again, I'm on a tight budget. The bike I'm looking at right now is a Viva Motorsports VX200S Enduro. It's a dual purpose motorcycle with a 200cc engine. I have found reviews and comments on a lot of other Chinese companies (Vento, Lifan, United Motors...) but I can't find anything about this company. Does anyone know anything about these motorcycles? Here are the sites I have found these motorcycles: www.viva-motors.com Pocketbikewholesalers