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  1. whylee

    Number plate background

    Not bad, looks much better than I thought it would. I will look for the light green. Thanks.
  2. whylee

    Number plate background

    I have my KTM 300 now, I am planning to race some Beginner vetran MX races. I have joined the Over the Hill Gang to race in their events. Since I am a beginner, I need to have my number plate background in green (I know I will hate green on my orange bike) but I have to. I need to know if there are already pre made backgrounds for this bike, or do I need to make them? I have seen some, but nothing in green. My bike is a 09 but I would imagine the plastics are the same as the 08's. I also am wondering if there are larger side number plates that I will need, or will the stock panels be ok.
  3. whylee

    Thinking about racing...

    I have not raced in 30 years, I bought my first dirt bike last week since 1980. I will ride just to ride, but my main focus is to race again. I just really that feeling, the rush. I dont care if I win, I just want to finish in one (still functioning) piece. I hear it almost everyday from someone, that I am crazy to want to race, but I will race this season. The way I look at it, I will be racing my rear tire, as long as finish in front of my rear tire I will be ok.
  4. Well I bought my 09 300XCW today. After many weeks of indecision between the YZ250 and the KTM 300, I think I made the right choice. I will be using it for trail riding around the house here and a few MX races here in the beginner vetrans class. I was so excited buying the bike, I made it all the way home and remembered I have no gas or oil for it yet its 40 miles back to town. Oh well, at least I have my bike home now, I will get what I need tomorow.
  5. whylee

    Motocross racing, bike size

    Thanks for the replies, I have not been to any races in years, other than supercross. I just needed to know, I really want to stay with a 2 stroke for now, and I just cant decide between the KTM 300 or 250.
  6. whylee

    Motocross racing, bike size

    That is what I am hoping for, I just dont want to buy a 250 2t and be thrown in with the 450's. If they still did that, I would find something bigger that I liked.
  7. Just getting back into riding/racing again after a long layoff. I am planning on doing some racing in the future after I get back into shape. My question is, how are they grouping bike sizes now? are the 250's still running with the 450's? I just can not make my mind up on a bike. I really like 2 strokes, and feel more confident on them. I had a KX450 that I just did not like and gave it to my son. I would like to buy a 250, I just feel a 250 does not have much of a chance against the 450's, but I could be wrong. I just do not want to buy a bike that I have to keep for at least a few years, and has no chance against the bigger bikes.
  8. whylee

    crf250r to a ktm 300

    I think its a good choice, that is the same reason I moved away from the 4 strokes, plus I just love the 2 smokers.
  9. whylee

    Tranny oil/ATF questions

    I have no opinion on which to use in our bikes tranny. But I do know that most high performance car tranny builders recommend type F in their transmissions, they say that type F is less prone to foaming.
  10. whylee

    Should I get a new Top end?

    If it was my bike, I would just replace the piston and have everything checked while its all torn down.
  11. whylee

    Looking into a 09 300XCW

    Thanks for all the info, I was wondering if changing sprocket size would help.
  12. whylee

    Looking into a 09 300XCW

    I am looking at getting back into racing after a 25 year lay off. I will be racing with the over the hill gang in the beginner class. I was looking at a XC300 since I love the 2 strokes, but the only bike I can find is a XCW300. Do you think this will work out on a motocross track or should I continue to look for a XC model? Keep in mind I am not going to be flying here, just out to have fun and try to survive my races. But I do not want to buy a bike that is totally unsuited for the job. Also what is a good price for a new XCW, the dealer here has one for $7499.00 plus tax.
  13. whylee

    KTM 300 for MX

    Thanks for the replies, I am pretty sure I will buy one now. I only wish I could make my dealer understand that I do not want a 250, since he has no 300's in stock he seems to think I really want the 250 because its sooo much better. I guess its time to venture out and find a new dealer. I just hate it when a sales person tells me what I really want
  14. whylee

    KTM 300 for MX

    I am just getting back into MX after a long time away from riding. I want to ride the trails around the house, and maybe do some racing in the vet beginner class just for fun. How would the 300 do? I know it will need some suspension work, and some other mods. Keep in mind I am 48 years old and I am not going out there to smoke everyone on the track. I just want a good all around bike that will perform decent on the track. I forgot to mention that I do own a KX450F, but I just want a nice 2 stroke also, and everything I read on the 300 seems to be what I am looking for.
  15. whylee

    Over The Hill Gang

    Anyone here involved with this group. I am looking to join and just want to here from anyone who is or has been in it. Seems like a good fun group as far as I can tell, especially since I am just getting back into MX after 25 years away from it.