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  1. Hi I am here in the lake texoma gordonville area. lot of gravel roads. some areas in the river to ride. Lake murray has a rideing spot have not been there yet.I would be interested in riding mena area. My problem is I work saturdays off mondays. I ride dr650.
  2. yachtbuilder

    Stock GSXR 1000 Mid-Pipe Useable?

    it can be done. the 01 that I got came with mild steel mid pipe I cut off the valve and cut the weld from the flange.cut some off of the mid pipe at the flange to move bend closer to the flange. rotated pipe for best fit welded flange.used stock mid pipe cut from stock muffler.slide gsxr pipe over stock pipe until best fit,cut pie slots around gsxr pipe tapered pipe to fit around stock pipe and welded. fits great angle of muffler like stock fits as far fwd as it can so back of muffler does not stick out any more than stock.
  3. yachtbuilder

    any north texas riders???(dfw?)

    I am in north texas west end of lake texoma I know some places to ride in the area. gravel roads, some corp property,river areas. I am available to ride sundays and mondays.
  4. yachtbuilder

    Places to ride around DFW?

    I'm on the west end of lake texoma. lots of gravel roads and paved country roads on both sides of the river.also if you wanted to trailer alot of good riding in talahina OK over to mina ARK. fire roads etc.
  5. yachtbuilder

    DR650 - what was your OTD price?

    06 dr650 blue 5100.00 otd denton cycle center
  6. yachtbuilder

    Anyone have a stock exhaust they want to sell me?

    Ok I could not take it any more I just had to do it I removed the stock pipe and cut it up.the front part that looks like cat conv.is hollow with a grate like material in it.Iremoved the front section and made a 1 5/8 pipe to take its place.I removed the first set of baffles and drilled three 3/8 relief holes in the next baffle plate.I made a plate to replace the forward end and welded the new pipe to that.on the outlet end I cut the end off removed the existing outlet tube and replaced it with a 1 5/8 tube.after all mods the pipe weighs 9 lbs. sounds ok to me not to loud.Is louder than air box now.I will take pictures after I polish it.it looks like factory made.it ran better until I tried the dj170 jet to rich now.I will put the 160 back in may need 165.so was it worth it? if my time was worth nothing then yes it was. I had at least ten hours in it.The only plus is it looks stock.I will use it for awhile and decide if I want to buy a fmf pipe. anyone in north texas or southern OK with a fmf to compare performance and sound with?
  7. yachtbuilder

    dr 650

    check choke cable also.my 06 when turned all the way one way would kill engine or change idle.I found choke cable was pulling choke on
  8. yachtbuilder

    Anyone have a stock exhaust they want to sell me?

    I need one also I want a spare to take apart to modify email me if you have one to sell thanks mrarmer@earthlink.net