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  1. Bansheezz

    Pics Of Your Rig

    This is what I use :
  2. Bansheezz

    Brake Controllers

    Prodigy here too.
  3. Bansheezz

    Your dream setup? (Not just bikes)

    I don't ask for too much, so I'm happy with what I got:
  4. Bansheezz

    Pics of Where you Ride

    The mtn. pics are up at Mammoth, Desert pics are out at Cubbeback Dry Lake.
  5. Bansheezz

    Your dream setup?

    I'm happy with what I got now.
  6. You know what they say. There's more Ford trucks that's still on the road than any other makes, but some of them do manage to make it home .
  7. Bansheezz

    Travel Trailers Rule

    Go with what works best for you. I like the toy haulers for the long stays, with 150 gals of fresh water, and the fuel station is a plus too.
  8. 6Vs are about the same size as a group 24 12V, only difference is they're taller. 6Vs have half the number of cells/plates compare to the 12Vs, the cells/plates are much larger compare to the 12Vs. When you wire 2 6Vs together in series, it becomes one big 12v. Some wire 2 12Vs parallel, but you still have the smaller cells/plates because they're 12Vs.
  9. Bansheezz

    A/C system question

    Good chance your 91 uses R12, I think the change to R134 was done around 95. If so, good luck tryin to find R12.
  10. Bansheezz

    American or Foreign

    I would love to see a foreign make tryin to tow my trailer, could get ugly.
  11. Bansheezz

    weight distirbution hich

    The guys above are right. Toy haulers by design are tongue heavy compare to travel trailers. A W.D. hitch is a must. I recommend you spend a little more and get one that has sway control build in. This is the one I have: http://www.equalizerhitch.com/ You can get it for the best price here: http://http://www.rvwholesalers.com/
  12. I know how that feels. Thinking I never had any probs towing my old trailer (28 ft. Alfa Toyhouse) with only a friction sway control. When I got my new 30 ft. Weekend Warrior, which didnt come with a sway control on the hitch. Since it had triple axles I didnt think sway was a prob. I was wrong, first trip out I went to pass a truck going downhill, right went my trailer cleared the truck it pulled me over into his lane and begin fishtailing back and forth, luckey there was enough room, I nail the trailer brakes and floored the truck which snap the trailer back straight. Since than I upgraded the hitch with sway control and have no prob since.