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  1. Ok, my brother-in-law are trying to plan a trip in July that would start somewhere around West Yellowstone or just South of it and give us a route to Island Park or somewhere in the range of it. I have downloaded the Summer travel map for the Ashton/Island Park Ranger District but still need more details. Here is our setup. Bro-in-Law. KLX-650. Me KX250. As you can see, I will have a limited range of travel. I can take extra fuel in bottles, probably around a .5 gallon or take some 2 stroke oil and use fuel from my Bro-in-law's tank if needed. I think my range will be between 50-65 miles. Just guessing. We are looking for day trips, we will be there for a few days. My bike is not street legal so that will limit some of the roads or trails we can use. So far I've heard suggestions for the Old Railroad Trail and Two Top mountain. Anybody familiar with this area have any suggestions?
  2. Here you go. Front Sprocket:13 Rear Sprocket: 49 Miles Per Hour 1st: 17.01 Miles Per Hour 2nd: 25.92 Miles Per Hour 3rd: 34.88 Miles Per Hour 4th: 43.18 Miles Per Hour 5th: 51.03
  3. Below I have posted some estimated numbers that take into account the 9,000 RMP limit and 18" rear tire of your bike. Remember lower numbers below show speeds going down which means lower gear ratios and more torque. Front Sprocket:13 Rear Sprocket: 49 Miles Per Hour 1st: 17.01 Miles Per Hour 2nd: 25.92 Miles Per Hour 3rd: 34.88 Miles Per Hour 4th: 43.18 Miles Per Hour 5th: 51.03 Front Sprocket:13 Rear Sprocket: 50 Miles Per Hour 1st: 16.67 Miles Per Hour 2nd: 25.4 Miles Per Hour 3rd: 34.18 Miles Per Hour 4th: 42.31 Miles Per Hour 5th: 50.01 Stock Front Sprocket:13 Rear Sprocket: 51 Miles Per Hour 1st: 16.34 Miles Per Hour 2nd: 24.9 Miles Per Hour 3rd: 33.51 Miles Per Hour 4th: 41.48 Miles Per Hour 5th: 49.03 Front Sprocket:13 Rear Sprocket: 52 Miles Per Hour 1st: 16.03 Miles Per Hour 2nd: 24.42 Miles Per Hour 3rd: 32.86 Miles Per Hour 4th: 40.68 Miles Per Hour 5th: 48.09 Front Sprocket:13 Rear Sprocket: 53 Miles Per Hour 1st: 15.73 Miles Per Hour 2nd: 23.96 Miles Per Hour 3rd: 32.24 Miles Per Hour 4th: 39.92 Miles Per Hour 5th: 47.18 Front Sprocket:12 Rear Sprocket: 51 Miles Per Hour 1st: 15.09 Miles Per Hour 2nd: 22.98 Miles Per Hour 3rd: 30.93 Miles Per Hour 4th: 38.29 Miles Per Hour 5th: 45.26 Front Sprocket:12 Rear Sprocket: 52 Miles Per Hour 1st: 14.8 Miles Per Hour 2nd: 22.54 Miles Per Hour 3rd: 30.34 Miles Per Hour 4th: 37.55 Miles Per Hour 5th: 44.39 Front Sprocket:12 Rear Sprocket: 53 Miles Per Hour 1st: 14.52 Miles Per Hour 2nd: 22.12 Miles Per Hour 3rd: 29.76 Miles Per Hour 4th: 36.85 Miles Per Hour 5th: 43.55 I'd stick with the Primary Drive brand sprocket and not waste your money on the more expensive ones. The steel should wear longer and the amount of weight saved with the others is less than you would save if you just took a dump before you went riding. Save the money for maintenance items so your bike will keep going strong. Good luck on the new gears.
  4. The stock sprockets for that bike are 13 front and 51 rear. That is what we are running on m son's 89 CR 125R but the bottom end is pretty gutless. It still goes pretty fast on the top end and it is a nice sleeper bike because it easily keeps up with some of the newer 125CR bikes in if you can keep it in the upper rpm's. Amazingly smooth ride too. I'm debating whether to change the sprocket too because of the lack of low end torque. You just have to learn to work the clutch or re-gear it but your top end speed will be considerably lower. Due to your riding environment that may not be much of an issue but the bottom line is the motor makes hardly any low end torque. Let us know what you do and write up a report.
  5. Malathion

    People to ride with

    I thought most of the riding around Page was shut down except for the race they do there. Where do you ride? That it a beautiful area. . I know you could probably ride on the West side of Big Water. You can ride in certain spots on the east side too and there is a trail that goes from Big Water to Escalante. Totally different riding types as the West side has much more sand and the East side is that gray stuff until you get farther North. I think you can even make a loop to Warm Springs and look over Lake Powell. I think Cottonwood Canyon is open to you since your bike is licensed. Not much excitement but it is a pretty drive and you could ride to Capital Reef state park or Bryce. There are some dedicated ATV trails in between Page and Kanab if you don't mind the drive. You go North/West up highway 89 past the Pariah river and to the Vermillion Cliffs area. All are on the North side of highway 89 and you can ride most of the area after the Cockscombs until you hit Kanab. You can also ride a trail from the cockscombs up to Bryce Canyon. I think the turn off is just before you go up the big hill at the Cockscomb. Just outside of Bryce Canyon or North of Kanab would be a good places for you to ride durring the hotter summer months. Look for Utah trail maps of the Vermillion Cliffs area, Hog Canyon (North of Kanab), Kanab Creek and Paunsagunt (Bryce). In the St. George area look for maps of Sand Mountain and Goosberry Mesa. Both South of Hurricane. Can you ride on the Reservation South of Page? I noticed Google Earth doesn't show up too well in that area. Well, I guess you could have fun trying to out run the Navajo Police for a while. Well, maybe not.
  6. Try one of the other markers as noted. Not the Sharpie Industrial Strength. The industrial is more of a brown color and will not make the dark black. I think the others used normal Sharpies with fat heads. Some tend to have more luck than others, probably based on the rim type. I had good luck on metal that was not on my rims such as the bar clamps and levers. I made them red but I removed most of that eventually because I thought it started to look ghetto. I did decide to go with the black duct tape on the outer edges of the rims though. Not as cool as the all black rim but makes it look a little more modern.
  7. I saw this last week and tried it over the week end. I decided to outsmart everyone and use an Industrial Strength Sharpie. STUPID IDEA! I had tested a regular sharpie but wanted a more permanent marker due to the reports of the Sharpie coming off in some situations. Well, the industrial one didn't work because it wouldn't cover very well. I decided to take it off and it wouldn't come off! I tried alcohol and it didn't take it off like it does a normal Sharpie! I went through a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol and finally got most of it off after scrubbing for an hour. Good thing I only did half of the rim. Yeah, I know, buy new rims.. No thanks. Bike isn't worth enough to justify putting new rims on it.
  8. Malathion

    89 CR125 swingarm fitment question

    According to http://www.mrcycles.com the 89 CR125R has a different swing arm package than the other years. It looks like it mostly has to do with the bearings. I don't know that I would use an 88 swing arm. Look at the cross bracing on the swing arm. It appears quite different. Honda SWINGARM ASSY., RR. for 1989 Honda CR125R 52000-KZ4-000 Honda SWINGARM ASSY., RR. for 1987-88 Honda CR125R 52000-KS6-830 1990 SWINGARM ASSY., RR. 52000-KZ4-700 1991-1992 SWINGARM ASSY., RR. 52000-KZ4-730
  9. Malathion

    1991 GMC Sierra A/C question

    Delta41, Here is a link to LMC truck. They have the parts diagrams and all the differnt model years broken down. Maybe you can find what you are looking for. http://www.lmctruck.com/icatalog/cd/0110.asp
  10. Malathion

    Trailer dilemna

    Contact TxSandman. He pulls his bikes with his Mazda. "I use their smallest trailer to haul 1 or 2 bikes behind my little mazda all the time. After decking with 3 2X10s and some cheap chalks, I have less than $300 dollars in it and it weighs under 200lbs. One of the best purchases I have ever made for my dirtbikes."
  11. Malathion

    where is that duramax test video???

    Interesting read over at http://www.thedieselgarage.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30040&page=1 The guy admits to overheating the engine on purpose to win a lawsuit filed against GM. Initially his first motor blew due to no coolant. He was not towing a load at the time, GM asked him to drive it to the shop with no coolant and he suggested a flatbed but they refused. Long story short he drove it and it warped the heads and GM refused to fix it so he sued them. GM claimed he could not overheat the new motor so he made this video to prove that he could by incorrectly loading what he was towing. He admits it overheated because of wind drag. The limp code was also caused by low fuel. I'm not saying there were no trucks that overheated because there were and there was problem but for only the LLY motor and only for 2 years, but after reading his posts you realize that he won his lawsuit by being dishonest. He claims he was under the legal limits of Texas which he was but to keep running the truck when overheated and in limp mode?! It makes it appear the problems were due simply due to lack of cooling when the limp mode was based on lack of fuel (he even admits it). Perhaps many cases are won that way but knowing what he did cheapens his win. Anyway, he claims he still has the truck but now has a product to sell that eliminates the overheating. I'm glad GM eventually fixed the problem with the overheating as a result, maybe it wouldn't have if he didn't sue. Who knows.
  12. Malathion

    woods ridin in Utah?

    Which part of Utah are you planning to move to? The state has 6 National forests to choose from. They range from the top of the state to the bottom. There should be additonal info on the Forest Service site that motojoe73 gave you. Lot of trail links however most weren't working for me. I'm not sure if they are updating them.
  13. Malathion

    pep boys trailer 4 by 6

    I think the problem is that your insert/ball isn't big enough for the reciever/hole. Maybe it's not up to spec. Try wrapping it with something to help tighten things up. I've heard of people using electrical tape. Not sure how long the protection lasts but it will at least make it fit better. Usually there is some movement and like you said, the lack of preasure or weight on it allows things to get sloppy and move around a little more.
  14. Delta41, that bike is killer! Love all the little anodized details, powder coating and polished parts. The dual tanks with matching graphics worked out great too. Whoever did your graphics did an outsanding job!
  15. Malathion

    Trip to Real de Catorce Mexico

    Looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the rest.