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    is ther promblems with the 02-06 raptors

    I seem to remember there being transmission issues on some models through the middle of 02 but I heard it was fixed on the 03 and newer, not much else other than that.

    Yamaha Banshee compression???

    Any one know what psi would be concidered good compression on each Banshee cylinder, lookin to get one and the guy said the right is 128 and the left is 122, I heard that around 170 or so is supposed to be good on these, not sure anyone have any ideas? thanks.

    Picked up a new ride today....

    I absolutely love it, I had a chance this weekend to break it in and get used to it, bone stock it pulls just as hard in 4th and 5th as it does in 2cnd and 3rd, Its faster on acceleration and topspeed than my 07 yz250, I am blown away by how fast and light it feels, there is no comparing the old 660 to this machine. I cant even imagine that motor on a bike! Tons of torque and amazing acceleration! I smoke my best buddies 06 kfx700 with dual procircuit exhaust,rejetted with an upgraded control box, I pull him by about 2 bike lengths by the time I top out in 5th, "Fuel injection ROCKS!":worthy:

    Yamaha Picked up a new ride today....

    Traded a couple of my dirt bikes in today for this little beauty, its the 07 special edition, the orange and black is sweet, cant wait till saturday to go and ride all day, I love the fuel injection...

    2008 yz 125 1.5 hours and dead

    what were you premixing to after break in? I only trust no less than 32:1 in all my 2 strokes, My buddies YZ 85 just did the same thing and he was mixing a 40:1 ratio, his rod fused to his crank.

    couple quick blaster questions

    the Blaster only takes a little more than a half quart for the gear case, it says 650 on the side of the motor, if you look at the side of a quart container of motorcycle 4 stroke oil you can see where it is numbered, the 650 on the quart is what it means.

    blaster help

    Have you ever rejetted it? usually when they bog they are flooding, could be that your emergency brake has been applied, there is a safety that cuts the fire when the emegency brake is on so you cant take off. If you want to disable that feature and never have to worry about it again, take off your hood down in front of the stearing wheel and trace the 2 wires that come from the brake down to the hood and disconnect it and then cut the plug off of the part that leads down the frame and twist the 2 wires together and Poof! no more fire problems!

    armor on a yz250 2 stroke

    I added Works connection radiator braces and fabed me up a custom skid, all the ones I looked at didnt come up high enough in the front, with Powermadd hand guards, all works really nice, the radiator braces work awesome, only dropped the bike once in some leaves but the handle grip or the powermadd guards never touched the ground, cant tell it even slid down. I also have a stronger gold race chain and a trail tech kickstand (the best investment ive ever made).

    Silencer modification.....

    "Thanks," I measured all of my holes off of the section I cut off and then redrilled and reriveted, the silver on the back of the number plate is actually sound deadening aluminum sticky paneling used to insulate new doors on vehicles damaged and repaired at a body shop, I have worked autopaint for around 12 years now. I actually work for an air conditioning supply company now and we sell aluminum tape thats 3 inches wide and is the exact same as the stuff I used. Works really good all you have to do is wipe the smut off with a papertowel and it continues looking new after every wash.
  10. BIGFAST450YZ

    Monster Blaster Project

    "Man, that thing is a master piece!" "She's gonna be to pretty to ride, both the bike and Blaster! I'm the ride it or die trying type, so it would definately get ridden! "Nice man, Real nice."
  11. BIGFAST450YZ

    Silencer modification.....

    The stock pipe setup is actually the best ive ever seen on a stock bike,( 07 YZ250) with the jetting dead on, she's pretty nasty! other than looking crappy black and all, im kinda reluctant to change exhaust, I have my bike jetted to the recommendation of Pro-Circuit, 48 pilot and 178 main, and that is the recommended jetting for there full exhaust, with mine being still stock is perfect, crisp all the way to the top of 5th, really hits down low.
  12. BIGFAST450YZ

    Silencer modification.....

    My bike sounds like it did before except when Im hard on the pipe, then, well yes, it opens up a little, the reason for the gain would be, consider what a motor really is and what it takes to make HP, its pretty much an air compressor, the faster you get air in and then out the more HP you make, the shortened silencer would yield less back pressure and less exhaust friction due to lack of extended silencer to travel down. It almost has a more 4 stroke BBRRRaaaappppp to it. I like the sound a little louder.
  13. BIGFAST450YZ

    Silencer modification.....

    It to was a little louder but, 5/10th"s of a second is a big power diffrence, meaning more than just an imaginary wanting to be faster.
  14. BIGFAST450YZ

    Silencer modification.....

    No, I think with the jetting dead on, it seems to match a little better with the in and out flow of the motor, I can really tell the diffrence in the throttle response, It pours it on much faster than before grabbing each gear, from bottom all the way to the top. I kinda feel if big long mufflers were needed for big power, top fuel dragsters would be useing them. On my brothers SRT-10 dodge viper truck with the full exhaust it only ran a 13.8 in the quarter mile, with the muffler straight dumps open, bypassing the muffler, freeing the exhaust flow, it ran a 13.3, a substantial diffrence.
  15. BIGFAST450YZ

    Anyone dyno the 07 YZ250?

    Nice, a little better than I had originally thought, compared to my old 98 YZ250 the new 07 diggs like a 4 stroke, awesome from the holeshot.