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  1. How's it goin' Just wanted some info on the wheels your sportin' on your KLX. Where did you source them, price etc.
  2. Check this. Not sure what a "dic" guard is??? LOL http://www.batta8491.com/klx.html KDX250SRの純正が付きそうなので購入! Kawasaki 14024-1861-6F gives part # and description of small mod.
  3. Australia

    http://www.ballards.cc/ Everything you need:applause: Acerbis make a nice compact tail light, Yamaha GYTR do also ($65)
  4. Australia

    Perth WA. KLX 250R. Bought it today. Installing Acerbis Cyclops headlight and 3.7 G Tank. B&B Bashplate and frame guards. Renthal "Jimmy Button" bend bars and grips. Barkbusters EGO. Brake snake X2. 13 Tooth front sprocket. Dynojet kit and full Muzzy pipe and various free mods. A few hours craft should have me grinnin' ear to ear.