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  1. 13K REDLINE

    Any Klx Pics Out There?

    How's it goin' Just wanted some info on the wheels your sportin' on your KLX. Where did you source them, price etc.
  2. 13K REDLINE

    disc gaurd?????

    Check this. Not sure what a "dic" guard is??? LOL http://www.batta8491.com/klx.html KDX250SRの純正が付きそうなので購入! Kawasaki 14024-1861-6F gives part # and description of small mod.
  3. 13K REDLINE

    how many aussies on here ?

    http://www.ballards.cc/ Everything you need:applause: Acerbis make a nice compact tail light, Yamaha GYTR do also ($65)
  4. 13K REDLINE

    how many aussies on here ?

    Perth WA. KLX 250R. Bought it today. Installing Acerbis Cyclops headlight and 3.7 G Tank. B&B Bashplate and frame guards. Renthal "Jimmy Button" bend bars and grips. Barkbusters EGO. Brake snake X2. 13 Tooth front sprocket. Dynojet kit and full Muzzy pipe and various free mods. A few hours craft should have me grinnin' ear to ear.