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  1. Mine lasted two years of hard offroad riding, then cracked and sprung a leak. I installed another and its been fine over the last year.
  2. A stand-alone GPS based rescue beacon. findmespot.com Works well - we used them on the TAT last year, but only for the tracking feature so our loved ones back home could see where we were. We never had to use the "help" features.
  3. I'm terribly abusive to tires and got 1000 miles out of a D606 rear riding almost all dirt on a trip across colorado last summer. I probably could have gotten another 200 miles out of it but that about it. Long story short - you can get anywhere between 1000 miles and 3000 miles depending on how you ride and where you ride.
  4. I've done this 3 times in the last year (all my fault). This last time was the easiest. Get some ziplock sandwich bags to put nuts and bolts in and sharpie to label the bag. Like "Exhaust", "Rear Brake", "motor mounts", "oil line", etc. You need to only take out the lower bolt on the left side radiator in order to get to the exhaust flange on the motor. Dont lose the sleeve or small o ring on the oil line where it connects to the motor on the lower left side. You probably want to go ahead and replace the swingarm bearings since you're going to have the swingarm off the bike. Replace any radiator hoses, cables, etc that look worn. Clean the oil screen in the frame. Use a cube cooler if you are shipping the motor to someone to fix. You'll be able to pull the motor in a few hours. Putting it back in will take a lot longer.
  5. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=628707
  6. I recently change the wheel bearings, swingarm bearings, and shock linkage bearings on my old 2001 E model. I used bearings from Pivotworks and I think I got them from the TT store.
  7. I did 9 days and 1800 miles on mostly the TAT in Colorado and Utah last summer. Ride report at: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=498223 It was a blast.
  8. I recently replaced both of those on my 2000 fcr carb. I had developed a small leak, and the new seals fixed it right up. The new float bowl seal was sorely needed. The old one was just falling apart.
  9. Same here. The larger battery is a must for trail riding without the auto-decomp IMO. It definitely takes more effort to turn the motor over but the larger CCA of the bigger battery handles it no problem. I removed the autodecomp and did the super-start mod at the same time, so I dont know how the stock sized battery would do.
  10. From another thread: I was asked to start a new thread. I double checked and I have 76VAC, 77VAC, and 80VAC off the stator and going into the reg/rectifier at 5k rpms. I have 12.5VDC leaving the regulator/rectifier at 5000 rpms. I'll try another regulator / rectifier tomorrow.
  11. I did the tests in the service manual and will do them again. Just for kicks I'm going to try another reg/rectifier off another DRZ I have access to tomorrow and just make sure with his reg/rectifier the voltage is the same. After doing all the tests, the only thing I could think of was that the regulator/rectifier is suspect - which I know is highly unlikely, since they usually either work or dont work at all.
  12. I'll thru the entire procedure again, but I dont think I missed anything. Its outputing DC voltage from the regulator / regulator, but its just outputting about 12.4-12.5V. Back in August of 2008 my notes in my service manual show I recorded it outputting 13.1V.
  13. I did an oil change today. I warmed the engine up to about 200 degrees on the coolant temp, then dumped the oil. The drain on the bottom of the engine shot out and relieved a bunch of crankcase pressure. I did a cursory inspection of the hose going to the bottom of the black box but it looks good. What should I check next?
  14. I changed the oil today after a couple of weekend rides and the little pin was stuck on the magnetic drain plug. I'm glad to get that pin out of the engine!!
  15. Yes - roughly. All three were 75-80V depending on the exact RPM.