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  1. 2fitty4

    klx-110 mods?

    I have a05 110,,and want to give my kid more boost. Any suggestions on what to try first?? Bike is stock except the kamikaze air filter 85 40 jets head pipe drilled 3/4 end cap removed from pipe.. will a cam increase top end and power ,,different carb??any help appreciated,,,,thanx
  2. 2fitty4

    klx 110 jetting

    what is a good jet combo to boost out put on a stock 2005 110?? also would it be the same if i added a pipe??? any help is appreciated///////////////// spocket
  3. 2fitty4

    110 carb settings

    After installing a kamikaze air filter,,my son says every once in a while the bike stalls out,,,,Do i need to change the carb settings???air screw?? needle clip?????? any help will do thanx
  4. 2fitty4

    pipe for 110

    anybody know a good pipe and header combo for my kids 110??? he wants to buy it himself so affordability is the key,he has an 05.all stock just starting on performance mods,,,he races harescrambles thanx for any help,,,any other mods would help too..............
  5. 2fitty4

    Wet Bore 262 or 270?

    I think you will find that the 262 kit will be just fine,,,I have an 03 yzf with the 262 kit and a hot cam,,,it has all kinds of power,,,,most of my vet class is running 450's or 2 smokers,,,and they cant catch me,,,also i am a pretty big guy ,,i go about 225 ,,,and this bike hauls the mail,,,,,i also have a dr. d exhaust,,,dont skimp on price or you may pay for it later,,,,, just my input
  6. 2fitty4

    Motor oil in airfilter?

    Rings is the culprit,,,had the exact prob, with my boys xr the piston will probably need replaced too...it is more than likely cold seized...the piston will look like it has 4 corners on it,,,,they will be discolored like a burn mark....this is caused by overrev on a cold motor,,,,check it out to be sure ,,,but if you are putting rings in ,,,,might as well add the piston,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. 2fitty4

    xr 70 hop ups

    any idea where i can get a 13 tooth sprocket????I am pretty new to the mini world so i am not real sure where to get this stuff>>>>>>>>>>>any help is appreciated.. sprocket
  8. 2fitty4

    xr 70 hop ups

    anyone know any hop up tricks for 70's...i heard switching carbs to the next size is an opption,,,,is it???what size would that be any ideas will help jimmy sprocket