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  1. Lochhead

    rm85 vs yz85 who would win

    The RM is easier to ride and has more low end (if both bikes are stock). But speed is always who can hold the throttle on longer and brake less....that will always be what determinds who wins! When learning to race, start with straight away speed, then cornering, then jumping. Most people can go fast down a straight away, and most people can jump, the best can corner very well!
  2. Lochhead

    Bent 08 RM 85 frame

    Thanks for your opinions....I think I will have the frame powder coated at the same time!
  3. Lochhead

    Bent 08 RM 85 frame

    Is it safe to bend back the frame (on big bikes its the sub-frame) the left rear frame under the seat is bent up and in a bit! My kid races and is too young for a Honda 150, but will need one in a year or soo....so I don't want to put $1000 into a bike that it might be better to just replace. I am in a damned if I do and damned if I don't. All the welds look great, but I don't wanna by a used frame in fear its been rewelded or is on the verge of cracking.
  4. Lochhead

    High RPM bog on RM85

    Thanks guys.....I have come to the conclusion my coil is bad. Jetting sucks I will be swapping out the pilot for a 45 as soon as my dealer opens! Has anyone messed with the timing and had success? When my son ran a kx65 I advanced it slightly which seemed to wake up the bike....but then I switched to a ktm 65 and his lap times had a 15 second per lap improvement (probably a combo of experience, growth and much better suspension)!
  5. Lochhead

    High RPM bog on RM85

    Thanks, I will try that! Just to verify measuring the coil's secondary....it is supposed to be 12-20 K ohms...is that with or with out the cap? With the Cap on I am reading 25.5 k ohms.
  6. Lochhead

    High RPM bog on RM85

    My son rides in the 85 9-11 stock and mod and also the Super Mini and Open mini (depending on whether it is an AMA event or not)! His Carb settings are 125 Main, 50 idle and the clip is on the third notch from top. I am as I type increasing the main to 128. Since I couldn't find anything wrong with the reeds, powervalve or the coil and stator.
  7. Lochhead

    No power and full throttle bog

    I would put a new piston and ring in, clean the carb thoroughly, clean up the power valve and repack the silencer...and yes check the reeds could have a cracked one! Or in thinking of my current problem and be electrical (ie coil)! Also, could be a clutch slipping...but usually you will feel that on the bottom end.
  8. Lochhead

    High RPM bog on RM85

    My Son rides an 08 RM85 he is a (local) top 10 racer, I put a new clutch and new top end and now he seems to have a bog that develops on the top end....the problem is it is intermittent and it causes him to back off big jumps. What could be wrong....I am thinking coil, reeds or power valve. Has anyone had this issue and what was it?
  9. Lochhead

    Timing chain question-no violence please

    Found my problem.... a paper towel was sucked up into the valves!!! I will think twice about telling a 16 year old to put a filter on his bike!!!
  10. Lochhead

    Timing chain question-no violence please

    I think I may have this same issue....last night my son went to ride he started it, once it did its self adjusting on air/fuel mix he went to take off it started to blubber, have lack of power then stalled....I couldn't get it restarted for him and the bike was way too dirty to take apart at the track! He had to finish with my RMZ450 with my fat guy springs in it! I hope he didn't bend anything up!
  11. Lochhead

    09 rmz 450 likes to get hot

    I always run Engine Ice in my bikes....got used to it during my youngest 50cc days! I would double check the water pump. Did you have exhaust work done? Does your bike need the ignition remapped or at least checked out...sounds like the bike could be running rich! I never let my 450's idle more than 30 seconds, the amount of heat these bikes produce is incredible! My buddy has the same problem with his YZ450f, but it is an 09 that is carbed and he is too lazy to switch the jets....so he just starts it and runs immediately!
  12. Lochhead

    Fouling Plugs!!

    Yes I had the recall done, I had to shim it just before I stored it for winter...then when I pulled it out I figured out I made a huge mistake when shimming it (after I checked my sons RMZ250) I used sae instead of metric feeler guages!! It's all better now!
  13. Lochhead

    Fouling Plugs!!

    Thanks for your help!
  14. Lochhead

    Fouling Plugs!!

    Sorry, its a 2006, I replaced the jets as well...the gas is from late last fall....November 2008. My son oiled all the filters which I didnt even check...I will double check that, but I bet it is the top end as well!