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  1. theDogger

    Re-seating piston rings

    When ever doing a top end: 1- Re-Hone the cylinder 2- Pre-clean all with contact cleaner 3- Only oil the pin and clips 4- DO NOT oil the cylinder or the RINGS or the Piston make sure they are BONE DRY! 5- On first start let it idle until it pukes coolant and shut it down and let it cool 6- After it has cooled start it up and let it warm for 2-3 mins then just rip it! I have done over 15 of my rebuilds this way all have been JE HC pistons, PC Modded heads, Del-West Valves (Shimmed hair tighter than OEM) and Ron Hamp Web Cams...You would be surprised how clean and carbon free the piston is after 100 hrs theDogger
  2. theDogger

    Baseline suspension settings ‘13 kx450f, 260lb rider

    Learning to re-valve is not that hard, but it does take time. I believe that most riders are lazy and dont want to take the time. But they have learned how to check clearances and re-shim there valves....they learned how to do topend and bottom-ends.... You dont have to be a math whiz to revalve. You just need to take the time to learn how the circuits flow, what part of the stacks effect what part of the stroke. Everything that you get from the suspension companies is a COOKIE CUTTER stack setup. Is it better than OEM yes but can it be even better HELL YES it can. -theDogger
  3. theDogger

    Motorcycle cleaning products: what do you use?

    Why did Suzuki stop making the best bike clean on the planet? Suzuki Motorcycle Wash For those who have used it they know what I am speaking of! -theDogger
  4. theDogger

    Baseline suspension settings ‘13 kx450f, 260lb rider

    Jay let me ask you this? Do you think that you might be loosing about 15-25 lbs Then keep the 6.3 if not go to at least a 6.5 or 6.6 and make sure you set the sag -theDogger
  5. theDogger

    Baseline suspension settings ‘13 kx450f, 260lb rider

    Jay 6.3 might be too light.....it will be better but.... FC I had a lot of issue when I first started riding again...they really struggled getting me a setup that worked for my size and speed. They are the reason I learned how to re-valve and got into suspension and start the Thread on TT. -theDogger
  6. theDogger

    Baseline suspension settings ‘13 kx450f, 260lb rider

    Jay what shock spring did you order? Also I would stay away from going to heavier oils!!😨 Stick to Maxima Racing Fork Oil 5wt (Blue) and Maxima Racing Shock oil 3wt (red) In all honesty your best bet is to re-valve the fork and shock. Its not very hard and I can get you stacks if you need them. Its a great learning experience and I would not waste your $$$ sending it out. Before the 2014 that I have now I had a 2004 CRF450 with full factory A-Kit not the crap that is sold from the suspension companies....and am struggling to get it to fit my 6'8" frame to feel as good as the 04 CRF. Its is a lot tighter. My CRF had PC Clamps, Rental 922 bars, Guts Tall Seat and IMS Pro Lowered Foot Pegs. I am regretting getting ride of the bike Made VitalMX Bike of the month! 2004 CRF 450 -theDogger
  7. theDogger

    Bad performance at 1/4 or less throttle?

  8. theDogger

    Baseline suspension settings ‘13 kx450f, 260lb rider

    BigJay ok lets start with the basics? What type of tracks do you ride? What is your skill level? Is the rear spring OEM? (If it is then its a 5.5) You should be at 25mm - 35mm bike sag and 102-106mm rider sag I would suggest getting a 6.4 or 6.6 rear spring and the Pro Circuit Link Clickers: Comp: 14 out Reb: 12 out HSC: 1-3/4 out Forks I would start at 255 to 260 cc oil in the outers Start at 36 psi to 39 psi ( Remember this is your spring rate and once this is set and good should not have to change it but make sure its right ever ride) Fork Clickers are going to b e tough because you need to revalve it to work better but start at Comp: 12 out Reb: 12 out theDogger
  9. theDogger

    Baseline suspension settings ‘13 kx450f, 260lb rider

    BigJay are you looking for Fork and shock stacks also? I use to ride a 04 CRF450 and have a thread in the CRF450 forum at the top that has bee a sticky since 2006. DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve! What are you riding? MX,Trail? I am 265lbs and 6'8" MX Jr. Forks: 38psi Shock: 6.6 because of my height if I was shorter then a 6.4 would work. Pro Circuit Link @ 105mm sag theDogger
  10. I bought a 2014 kxf450 with 20 hrs on the clock. Went to the track today for the first ride and this was not experienced when I bought it an test rode the bike. So at 1/4 throttle it sputters, bogs all most like it is cutting out. - Starts with out issue a few kicks - Bogs and hesitates when just cruising through the pits too the track and will die if I dont clutch and give some gas. - Past 1/4 throttle no issues. This is my first FI bike so trying to get my head round this and troubleshoot it. Last bike was a 2004 CRF450 My first thoughts are: 1- Fuel Pump pressure? or would this be at higher RPM's? 2- Throttle position sensor? 3- Are there known issue? 4- What about filter/screens that maybe clogged? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ - I have check that the grounds and they are good - Check that all connectors are connected securly - Checked all wires for cracks - Confirmed the plug cap was on tight - Tried the different couplers no change - Fresh filter and oil change Only changes that I have made was add a PC Ti-6 Pro Exhaust , Hinson Clutch and a 51 tooth sprocket ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Looking for some help to start down the right path to troubleshoot this and get it resolved. thanks theDogger
  11. theDogger

    Any on running a HSPD on their KX450f??

    Just bought a 2014 really low hours from my neighbor, so I know the history of the bike and has less than 15 hrs on it and going through the bike to get it fitted to my liking. You are missing out. Its not over kill like the SCOTTS....but if you have never ridden with one you dont know what you are missing. Once you revalve it and get it adjusted you have now idea of the difference it makes on a MX track. Thinking that I can buy the ride engineering frame mount, move the FCU and then have the Pro Circuit clamps drilled and tapped to mount the lower. Ill post pics when done
  12. Looking for info on mounting a Honda HSPD on the KX450f? I know that Ride Engineering had clamps and a mount that will allow for this. Looking for anyone that has actually done this? I came over from the CRF camp and really miss having the HSPD.. Images?
  13. theDogger

    Built motor, now won't start!

    Question? You said that you to the head to a machine shop? I am assuming that they followed specs for the head? How did they grind the seat? What are your clearances looking like on all valves?(current spec?) You have an images of the cases? In all honesty, get new cases off eBay! If my memory servers me correct check the carb and all the jets ***Check the slide plate is not on backwards (this will cause some odd issues with idle and running)
  14. Ya like I said this was a local suspension hack that did this...They reason I say that they are aluminium is that the LSV was anodized red. Wish I took a pic
  15. Thanks for the response, the post was changes to an anodized Red Aluminium post with 6 bleeds. I just was not able to find my OEM stack sheets from other 2016's that I have re-valved in the past. PC crashed a few months back and I lost majority of my 8 yrs of valve stacks some 500+ re-valves But after remembering that I backed everything up on Mega I was able to recover them. I prefer to have the ability to tune the LSV...not sure why on some Showa's that they do not use this. All my A-Kits use the LSV with the ability to swap for different flows. The LSV stack is great for being able to tune to add a more firm progressive feel to the forks and get rid of mushiness and stop it from dropping into the mid stroke to fast. At the same time great for real light riders to help it transition into the mid-stroke -theDogger