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  1. A wooden broom handle works great to tap cartridge out....requires a VERY light tap to remove it.
  2. Has anyone ridin' a 2013 250/300 yet? I saw someone riding one at the Covered Bridge National Enduro in Indiana 2 weeks ago...it was a 250....dealers here in Canada don't even have them yet.
  3. They are great skid plate's, have had them on both yz 125's and 250's. Oil change hole is ok on 125 but useless on 250. Even if u make the hole alot bigger it still doesn't line up. Better off to just take it off for oil changes.....way less mess
  4. Thanks alot...I'm pretty sure it's a global spec bike, so it should be the same.....thanks again.
  5. Does anyone have the stock valving spec for a 2008 wr450f.....just the fork mid valve and rebound. I'd like to have an idea before I take it apart. Thanks in advance.
  6. Does anyone have the North American stacks or are they the same as the European ones. Thanks
  7. I have exparimented with more float (.15 more flaot than stock), but seems to start riding low in the stroke especially on downhills and hard front braking. I will play around with rebound to find the sweet spot....thanks again.
  8. Grayracer513 Thank you very much that was the type insight i was looking for....thanks again.
  9. not a concern....just looking to see if anyone had tried it already and to see what they tought and if they liked it. thanks:thumbsup:
  10. Have any of you guy's played around with a smaller clamp shim on TC kyb forks...I ask because i don't know if just dropping 1 face shim is enough....wouldn't a smaller clamp have a greater effect on the whole circuit and maybe let me run the clicker in a little farther to help the mid when i do ride moto? Thanks again
  11. Stock base 32x.11-16 30x.11-1 28x.11-1 26x.11-1 24x.11-1 22x.11-1 20x.11-1 18x.11-1 16x.25-1 base plate 11x.25-5 14x.11-1 16x.11-1 18x.11-1 20x.11-1 22x.11-2 Mod base 32x.11-16 26x.11-1 30x.11-1 28x.11-1 26x.11-1 24x.11-1 22x.11-1 20x.11-1 18x.11-1 16x.11-1 14x.25-2 base plate 11x.25-3 Stock Mid 20x.11-4 18x.11-1 16x.11-1 14x.11-1 12x.15-1 11x.30-2 17x.30-2 5.3mm slide collar 8x.15-1 Mod Mid 20x.11-4 17x.11-1 14x.11-1 11x.30-2 17x.30-2 5.3 slide collar 8x.15-1 is removed and have .11 more float than stock comp-14 reb-14 300cc oil level .43kg springs
  12. I've already modded the Base and Mid....just looking to make final touchs....trying to get it as good as possible.
  13. Usually around 12 to 16 clicks out......standard is 13 or 14
  14. I am trying to make my forks a little more forgiving and responsive on smaller square edge bumps. Usually I ride about 95% woods (eastern style harescrambles and enduros) and just a little bit of moto. It only seems to be an issue smaller trail junk (repetitive roots and rocks) Stock stack 20x.11 -3 13x.11-1 18x.11-1 16x.11-1 14x.11-1 12x.11-1 10x.25-1 Proposed stack 20x.11-3 12x.11-1 18x.11-1 16x.11-1 14x.11-1 12x.11-1 10x.11-1 9x.20-1 I have .43kg (.42n/m) springs installed...(.44 kg stock) Is going to a 9mm clamp shim to far? should i only change the crossover or....? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  15. Clicked Please keep these shim restackor comparisons coming.....they are great