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  1. ylwcbr

    Amsoil 100:1 oil

    If oil injected u have to use proper oil this is for premix. Oil injected is different bearing design than needle or ball type bearings.
  2. ylwcbr

    Amsoil 100:1 oil

    We are not talking about using less oil only using what the oil is designed for in proper ratio. 40:1 oils are designed used 40:1 not less 100:1 designed are ratioed 100:1 not less.
  3. ylwcbr

    Amsoil 100:1 oil

    From a factory Rep the only thing mixed oil in gas is doing is lubing the rings there is enough oil in the gas to lube bearings in engine. I ran 100:1 in outboard race engines and never had a problem with High rpm for extended time. Factory recommends are on conservitive side. The oil is designed to work in that ratio.