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  1. MIthumper

    Frame Paint?

    I have a 05 dr650, is the frame powder coated or painted? If its paint where can i get some? Cycle store or paint shop. Ive got some places that were rubbed down to bear metal and are starting to rust! I also have some nicks in the paint on the tank that need some attention also.
  2. MIthumper

    DR 650 handle bars?

    so now that hunting season and school(taking a break) is out of the way. Its time to get cracking on the bike. i took a digger in some sand in October and bent my handlebars pretty good. whats the best replacement bars?
  3. Guys its legit, ford is doing it to a mustang forum as well!
  4. The Ranger Station (TRS) Needs your help -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am going around posting this on the forums that I belong to. I love my Ranger and TRS! Ford is trying to shut us down just for using the name "ranger" in the name! What I ask from you if you feel up to it is e-mail Ford about this issue. All help will be appreciated. Here's the thread! http://www.therangerstation.com/foru...ad.php?t=32801 I dont know how many ford or ranger owners are on this site but if there are any please email or write ford about this! And Hell Even If your A GM guy lend us your email skills!
  5. MIthumper

    Any stock DR's out there?

    ive got 10,000miles on my stocker!!!! going to add the bigger tank and a stiffer spring in the back, Im 6'2" 250ish the seat's gonna get worked on this winter and i'll play with the carb, and more street oriented tires( i ride 80on/20 off) but it's a great bike. im plenty happy with the way it is now! modding is an addiction that will never be quenched. just be happy with what ya got, or tweak it cheap!
  6. MIthumper


    so i've got a 05 with 10,000 miles on her now. and with that ive got to do an oil change(not happy with amsoil) recheck valves, new break lines- fluid and pads, spark plugs, and maybe new air filter. new front tire...just stock so after all this is done.. say you have $400 what mods would you do? i want to change sprockets for lower high way revs. and i want MORE POWER!!!. and a new spring for the rear...kinda saggy after 10k.
  7. MIthumper

    The First Shot of Death For Mx?

    the engineer said it in the first movie at 6:12 "its an electric mountain bike" you know loud pipes save lives!
  8. MIthumper

    how does the speedometer and odometer read?

    mine is about dead nuts on, up to 40mph then its reading any where from 5 to 10mph faster than im actually going! thanks suzuki !
  9. MIthumper

    First big trip on the DR

    nope the ipod is gonna be on my belt or handle bars and the gallon of gas is going to be strapped to the back of the bike. behind my bag.
  10. MIthumper

    Tank Bag and Seat

    do you still have the wolfman tank bag?
  11. MIthumper

    First big trip on the DR

    so this is my first big trip on my 05 DR650. its less than 600 miles round trip. Traverse city, MI to south of Detroit, MI mostly 55mph highways, and back roads. ive got the stock seat so im going to take a 5-10 min break every hour-hour and a half. its got the stock tank but im adding a 1 gal plastic tank to the load of one medium bag. i changed the oil, cleaned the air filter, new rear tire(stock), front tire is still good, got the stock tool bag with some extras, 1/4in drive sockets and ratchet, channel locks, zipties, duct tape, tire slime. ohh and my AAA card. gps, rain gear, bug wash for the helmet shield. any tips, suggestions, advice for the first big road trip? im a little nervous but really really excited about doing this trip. how well does and ipod work under the helmet?
  12. MIthumper


    so i realized tonight on my ride home that bugs are attracted to my DR, mainly to my helmet, you know the part you see through! so is there some secret potion or a good product that can make cleaning the visor/shield easy while your on a trip? when i get home i usually remove the shield and soak it in hot water with dawn dish soap for a cuple of hours and the bugs wash right off. but what can i do when im not home?
  13. MIthumper

    4.9gal tank paint question

    ive been looking at getting the 4.9gal tank. i was wondering can i paint it the same blue the bike is? i know that some plastic tanks just wont take paint whatsoever. and if they do it ends up looking like crap in a couple of months . so can the ims tank be painted?
  14. MIthumper

    Oil Cooler

    does any body have a drawing of the oil flow path for the 650?
  15. MIthumper

    how fast is the dr 650?

    ive had my 05 up to 110 indicated on I-75 in se MI i had a tail wind.