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  1. dirt surfer

    crf150/85 suspension pics

    i haven't had a chance to try them yet... i did ride a friends bike with the same set up... except he had the stiffer springs in it. i think i'm going to have to do the same. yea... i need a stand. that cooler has had it and will work in the meantime. plus i can set my drink in the cup holder while i'm working on it. and they make great places to put your bolts. hahahaha
  2. dirt surfer

    crf150/85 suspension pics

    installed the 85 forks on the bike today. waiting on my shock from reger andthat will be on soon.
  3. dirt surfer

    Quck Carb question

    it goes back on around the main jet. look just above where the mainjet screws in and you'll see some grooves. the white piece slides into those grooves only one way. when it sits in right ...you'll know it is ... if not the bowl won't go back on right.
  4. dirt surfer

    just got wooped by a cr85

    what have you done to it??? anything? do the jets,snorkle/baffle.... i'm looking at getting the 428 conv. chain/sprocket. i have cr85 forks and shock ready to go.... just waitng on my kit from Reger and will be bolting that on soon. i would like to do a bore kit in the future. like the 190cc they have for the '05..... but i wanted the suspension hooked up first. no need for the power if the suspension can't handle it.
  5. dirt surfer

    Float level on an 03' CRF 150?

    float level is 12.5mm
  6. dirt surfer

    Pitbike track footage

    yea .... the videos start d/l'ing auto style. the track is on 427 off of 17-92. it's like the 3rd street on your right. suzook... we'll be riding friday night. my buddy rides a suzuki also, 125.
  7. dirt surfer

    Pitbike track footage

    tone... you could email it to me... i could post it for ya.
  8. dirt surfer

    Pitbike track footage

    hahaha... yea man. i know what you mean. it's the same on our surfing videos too. you always think you are flying.... then the tape humbles you. same when you watch the pros on TV. i know they are flying, but then you see them race in person and it's like....
  9. dirt surfer

    pitbike track video

    yea.... we were riding 150's. the track allows 4 strokes up to 230 and 85 for the 2 strokes. there is a mixed bag in the vid.
  10. dirt surfer

    pitbike track video

    it's primus--- tommy the cat off of sailing the seas of cheese.
  11. dirt surfer

    pitbike track video

    yea... that is the only spectator side.... and the wife did the filming. gotta take what i can get.
  12. dirt surfer

    pitbike track video

    some footage from friday night at the local pitbike track. VIDEO
  13. dirt surfer

    Pitbike track footage

    a few friends and i at one of the local tracks. enjoy. ace mini-motox
  14. dirt surfer

    150 pics

    yea, they are the zip off pants. i ride the pit bike tracks more than anything. and since it's only 10 minutes from the house. i wear the EVS vision knee braces now. the number is my age..... that the same in your case?