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  1. Comfort is not really an issue. I've never ridden a streetbike with a windshield, & don't feel I need to start now:P AND I just realized this should probably be in the dual sport forums. Sorry guys. Thanks dman. How many kms can I expect out of an engine?
  2. SO... I haven't owned a dirtbike in close to three years. Last year I got my motorcycle licence(street), and bought a 82 yamaha maxim 550, then later uppgraded to a RoadStar 1600. Ive been wanting to get back into off road riding, but was planning on taking the summer off and riding/travelling/backpacking around the west coast ( mainly Alaska & British Columbia). Now, IMO, the ideal bike for a 4000+ km (2400 miles approx) trip would be a cruiser. However, a few of my friends recently purchased dirtbikes, so I have riding buddies again. Since I plan on not working this summer, and going on a trip, I obviously cant afford to buy another motorcycle. But, if a dual sport bike would suit the kind of riding I plan to do (fields, trails, mud, and long highway rides) I would happily trade my Roadstar for a dual sport. Now, obviously I want to know how suitable these bikes are for highway rides.. (gas mileage, passing power, fuel capacity, comfort, luggage, etc.) but i also have a few other questions.. 1 : How are they for maintenance? How long do the chain/sprockets last w/ moderate maintenance? etc. My old KX used to need 3 hours of maintenance per hour of riding, lol. 2: How long will these bikes hold up? 15 000 kms? 30 000kms? 100 000???? 3: Any other advice I should know?? And in case anyone is wondering.. I found a 1996 Suzuki Dr-350 for sale. Its about $3000, which is very reasonably priced for prices around here. 12000 kms, only one season on the tires and chain. It looks absolutely immaculate and has never seen dirt. Insurance and plates/tags is $120 for 6 months. As well Id have money to spare after selling my road star. How would this hold up on the highway? Would it still be fun (powerwise, little bit of jumping) off road compared to my late 90's KX125 ? Thanks. Any input or long distance dual sport riding experience is greatly appreciated. Ive always thought a streetlegal dirtbike would be loads of fun.
  3. fgtgf

    1998 cr 125's..

    well this isnt getting anywhere...
  4. fgtgf

    1998 cr 125's..

    well will i be big enough to ride a 125? their seat height is usually around 39inches, i just checked...and im 5'5....
  5. i cant figure out how to post the image, cause he sent me a pic of it in a email. sorry this is the wrong thread...it wouldnt let me post in the others... well...i found a 1998 cr 125, im 5'5 and 130 llbs and my 1997 kx 80's getting a little small so i plan on seling that. what i want to know is... how good are the 98 cr 125's? are they reliable? good power? good handling? etc.. the only damage is there are 2 dents in the exhaust pipe. it has: factory 909 bars, aluminum clutch, graphics kit, new radiator shrouds, new grips, twin air filter (and stock one), new chain and sprocket last year, aluminum stand, jersey, pants, and the negine was rebuilt last yeara nd it currently has 135psi ocmpression. the sir filter was changed every 2 weeks, an dhe always ran synthetic oil.. he wants $2800 (canadian) which seem sot be a pretty good deal for around here. any comments or opinions are appreciated
  6. fgtgf

    Bike Photoshop Jobs... post them here

    how do u get photoshop?? i sound stupid but o well.... cna u dl it free?
  7. never left, and dont plan to......
  8. fgtgf

    I think i screwed up

    haha this is funny stufff!
  9. fgtgf

    motorcycle in tree

    how the f**k did it get there? wow thats crazy
  10. fgtgf


    thnx, but since my dad bought the sleds i dont think hed let me ride 'em now lol...or trade em in.....
  11. fgtgf


    i got 3 sleds...just not enough snow for them:banghead:
  12. fgtgf


    well we just got about a foot or so of snow.... i went out riding in it a few times and my biggest problem is im always in a gear too high or low/revving insanely or lugging... i also hav problems gettin through depper areas... any tiups or help would be appreciated... by the way im usually riding fields/ditches and am on a kx 80.... thnx
  13. fgtgf

    top speed stock 450

    allot a guys claim there bike willl do 140 but im not sure how accurate that is..
  14. fgtgf

    Motocross Trading Cards?

    i think i'll look on ebay....