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    2007 TE610 smoking and smelling

    Hey man, Thanks for the reply, I actually got the same response over on ADV - . I have the Dirtbagz bracket and heat shield on there, and my plastic is cool. It actually comes from the tailpipe itself after some "spirited" riding. I"m hoping that my motor is ok too! It's been over-maintained so I'm hoping its nothing. Cheers
  2. Hey there, This happens post ride, when the bike is warm and just shut down. I get a strong burning plastic smell and sometimes a bit of white smoke, both from the tailpipe only. Bike has 4700kms and has just had an oil change and valve ajustment. I was thinking I might be running a bit rich, but the smell is weird, very much like plastic. Also getting just 170kms (105 miles) to a tank in city commutes with a few bursts of the throttle here and there. Any ideas? TIA
  3. drifter dave

    New 07 610 owner with a few questions

    rajobigguy - Thanks for your reply this does help. Cheers
  4. Hey there, I finally saw the light and picked up a used 2007 TE610. Being new to Husky, could you guys help me out with a few questions? Yes I have searched. 1 - Quite a metalllic ping on idle. Is this normal? I have 3600kms and will check the valves as soon as I learn how. 2 - Lots of drivetrain play. I've ajusted the chain to spec, but the on/off throttle transition seems harsh and abrupt. Not smooth and quite a "clunk". If this is normal, if it is I can adapt no worries, just don't want to hurt the bike. 3 - Brakes do not engage until halfway down the lever and are very loud "ie - squeaky whine/wail" under hard braking. Check pads? Adjust freeplay on lever? 4 - Clutch lever freeplay. Can I tighten this on the block? I want the engagement closer to the lever. Thanks for helping out a noob, I've had 2 KLR's a KLX and a DRZ in the past. I know that the 610 will be more "hands on" as far as maitenance but worth it!