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  1. kx250f04

    Help!! What is this engine noise from?? (video)

    well i bought my used and after 45mins of driving mine it did that!! The guy that had it before me made the cam wear into the head and the only way i could start it was by pushing it!! 1500 bucks later i got it back but i did all aftermarket piston valves springs stock cam cus it ate part of the lob off it and a new head!! so check it all now or you will pay tons later!!
  2. kx250f04


    Ok well the known problems that i know about and there might be move but i am kinda a new owner dirt bikes and this bike!! My sure you check you vavles like every 10hrs to be on the safe side to see if there in spec and get you a aftermarket water pump to keep it from over heating!! My bike i thought i was getting a good deal and someone already had over heated it and the cam ate into the head and it is just a big mess and 2 months later and 1500 bucks i should be getting it back today!!!
  3. kx250f04

    OEM cylinder head....

    i got mine for my 04 for 400 but that was just the head and it was at dealer cost! so if you can get for 435 thats prolly your best bet!!
  4. kx250f04

    Kibblewhite vavles on back order!!!!!!

    I called wmr up and ordered them and got them tues and hopfuly i should have my bike back by the end of the week!!
  5. kx250f04

    My quote for parts.. Good or bad?

    kibble white intakes vavles are on back order tell mid july so i went with wmr and i should have my bike back this week after 2months of being in the shop! i did a hole new top end and head and everything for around 1100 and 300 labor. That is kibble white exhust vavles and spings and wisco piston and intake cam stock and head stock!
  6. kx250f04

    Kibblewhite vavles on back order!!!!!!

    Well i couldn't find them anywhere!!! So now i am stuck with kibblewhite exhuast and not intake and i have there springs too! Called up wmr and talked with them they said i could use and wouldnt hurt anything so i order there intake valves!! My bike has been in the shop 2 months now and have only rode it 1hr since i owned it!!!! I am ready to ride lol
  7. Well my bike is still in the shop and has been for last 2 months!! My valves was on back order tell may 25th !! then i get a call today saying it will be mid july just for my intake valves!! so if anyone has some they would sell let me know!!! i going to do something else cus i am not waiting that long!!
  8. kx250f04

    Tough Start Question

    i had some problem !!! bought my bike drove for like 1hr in the shop!!! $1,350 bucks in parts and stuff now!!! Buying cyclinder head intake cam kibblewhite valves and springs and all gaskets!!! i will post pics and show you what happends if you don't check them and just drive lol!! if anyone wants to see them!!!
  9. kx250f04

    What is a 2004 250f worth?

    i gave 3 grand for mine about 3 weeks ago and has full exhust on it and aftermarket water pump!!! but i only got to ride for hr and now doing a hole top end and buying the cyclinder head so 1000 bucks so have it looked at really well!! cus with 35hrs on it prolly need valves or looked at to see if there in spec!!
  10. kx250f04

    redoing topend

    04 supprise supprise !!Ok i having to buy a new cyclinder head should i go with a stock one or is that the only one they make??? Also i have to put new intake cam in should i do stock or aftermaket? If i do after make it would i have to do the other cam too?? I want to the do the kibblewhite valves!! should i do stock springs and stuff or buy there springs?? if i buy standard size valves will they fit in there or do i have to have cut out or something??
  11. kx250f04

    mistake or no??

    ok i have read alot about the stock valves are junk!!! So if i do kibblewhite valves will they last alot longer?? I am not hard on my bike at all i am still new to dirtbikes!! That and can i use stock springs with them?? Also would it hurt if i only replaced 2 intake and not the other 2? i know i should do them all but freaking having to buy head and stuff is digging deep in my pocket right now!! just trying to figure out what i should do??
  12. kx250f04

    mistake or no??

    well now that i am read and learning everything now i know !! I think it might have been the wrong bike for me to learn on though not sure !!
  13. kx250f04

    mistake or no??

    Well i am new to riding dirt bikes and i bought an 04 kx250f!!! i rode it for about 20 mins 3 different times and now 1000 bucks to fix!!! All i have had is problems from the start!! 1st starting was a pain in the ass about the only way to get started was to push it !! 2nd when out to ride on some open track and it was spitting out radiator fluid so parked it and checked later after cooled off!! Then was out riding and every was fine then started making noise!! so i parked it and took it to the shop!! Get a call today saying about 1000 bucks to fix it!! The intake cam had rubbed one of the lobes almost all the way down and ruined the cylinder head and so now i need all new parts!!! so now i a 3000 bike turns in to well over 4000!!! I have read alot about these bikes and the valves having problems!! Should i put stock ones in or stainless steel ones ?? i hear the stainless steel ones last a ton longer?? and should i do a stock head or aftermarket or maybe an 05 head??? Should i have just not bought this bike to begin with lol ???