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  1. ohio k5

    Trials Riding Video Game

    damn i suck at this. lol
  2. ohio k5

    Where are the good trails in Northeast Ohio

    if new to riding go to wayne national forest. its easy wide trails. it is down by logan,ohio. just make sure you get a day or year pass to go there
  3. you should be able to get a nice ktm 200 for that money. i had to beg for someone to buy my 01 ktm200 for 1300 and it was almost perfect with autoclutch, the rings had only been changed one time and i did it after i bought it. of course now i wish i had not sold it.
  4. ohio k5

    price for a 02 yz 250

    its not like that here in ohio, i cant sell mine. and its like new
  5. i'm not 100% sure what they were off of. i got them off ebay. i thought he said they were from a 06 450f but i could be mistaken.
  6. when i jsut done this to my 03 yz250 with 06 forks and clamp, it took swapping the steering shaft( the 06 was about a half inch shorter), also the brake line is different. i didnt want to pay for a new line so i made mine work however by modifying the little clamp for it. my front wheel fit fine but the alxe nut is different. also the front number plate mounts different.
  7. ohio k5

    S10 V8 Swap

    when i did mine i used a 84 4wheel drive one and it is quite alot of money. if you use parts made for the swap anyway. the headers are exp. the oil pan is(at least for the 4wd model, by the way i have one if you need it) you also need the motor mounts, radiator, trans. probs are possible depending on what you use, i used a turbo 350 one and needed a special adaptor for it. drive shaft may need altered. i would think you will be in it for at least 2500 total ot do it right.
  8. ohio k5

    '09 YZ 250 vs. Wayne National Forest ~pics

    we parked at p4 and rode purdum loop first then went all the way up to williams campground and back. i know it gets nasty muddy up towards new straightsville. and also on monday it was about empty, i think we seen maybe 10 people on the trails total.
  9. ohio k5

    03 yz 250 pricing?

    i am selling my nice low hour yz with 06 forks on it. i am asking $2100, is this too much for it. its very nice.
  10. ohio k5

    '09 YZ 250 vs. Wayne National Forest ~pics

    i was there on monday the 1st and it was perfect riding, not much mud and not dusty. i cant beleive it dried up that fast. i really like alot of the hills there this year, it does not seem like they have done any work on them so all the rock and roots are nice and big.
  11. ohio k5

    XR250 to CR125?

    the only cr250 i've rode was a 1988 model and it was also a beast.
  12. ohio k5

    XR250 to CR125?

    i had a 07 yz250f, and bought a 03 yz250 just to try something different and easy to work on. i found that i cant handle all that power. its fine on open stuff but anything tight and twisty i'll stick with a 250f.
  13. ohio k5

    Stupid xt225 question

    i would say thats really high. you should go over to xt225.com or at least i think that is what its called. someone on there probly has a spare one to sell you for alot cheaper. i didnt think these things were selling for that much. i was thinking of selling my 06 with 1200 miles and was only thinking i would get around 1500 to 1800 for it. i really may need to sell it now.
  14. i have a 07yz250f and adjusting valves is getting a bigger or smaller shim. i would guess not much had changed from 02 on the valves. no idea about on top of the cam. unless you mean the rocker. but the only way to adjust mine is with shims. get a shop manual for it, it will be your best hope.
  15. ohio k5

    Scotch Brighting the Cylinder??

    i tried to scotchbright my ktm 200 cyl, but found one big problem. my hands would not fit into the bore to do it correctly. ive have not tried on a 250 but it cant be that much bigger than the 200. if thats the case how do you fit it in there to be even??