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  1. Lets see a letter i get stopped on a daily basis they are looking for proper lighting and dot tires they know damn well the bike is a dual sport especially moto cops if you have a plate it is illegal to take your bike unless your breaking the law like dui or doing wheelies down a main street...
  2. stdntpilot

    06 CRF250X for strret use in california?

    Come to my dmv they wont ask for a vin verification it depends on dmv and individual just go to as many as it takes somebody will do it.
  3. stdntpilot

    ca plated 04 250x

    Ya no sh$%
  4. stdntpilot

    Rowher on Sunday 10/1

    Lets all meet @ at certain spot and time that way we can all intruduce each other for the ones that do not know anybody..
  5. stdntpilot

    Rowher on Sunday 10/1

    Ill be there @ 8 am the bouqet staging area..
  6. stdntpilot

    06 CRF250X for strret use in california?

    I run my 250 all over town and to the next town and still no prob i guess it depends from year to year and bike to bike youll find guys that have prob from the gate and others none at all just stay off the limiter and my opinion youll be fine..and freq oil changes...As far as the plate get it from www.trickdualsport.com. Dale is real cool and is part of the ama president I do believe..www.trickdualsport.com
  7. stdntpilot

    Is 10W-60 recommended for 06 CRF 250X

    10 40 I believe four stroke oil youll need 3 or four quarts cant remember its in your manual..
  8. stdntpilot

    some fork help

    I have a small ding on my right fork tube and when the fork is compressed passed the spot fork oil leaks is there any way to fix this without having to buy a whole new fork tube...
  9. stdntpilot

    ca plated 04 250x

  10. stdntpilot

    ca plated 04 250x

    not really just a bunch of lines..the washington guy yah..
  11. When you get your bike hit me up ill get it plated at my dmv took me 10 minutes...and i wont charge 1200 like ca dual sport ill do it for free just to get dual sport bikes out there...
  12. Letting evreyone know that it took me 10 minuts to plate my bike and the dmv never asked or performed a vin verification. I just went to dealer paid 40 bucks for brake and light inspection then cruised over to dmv and walla my plate...
  13. stdntpilot

    04 250x Hesitation

    i read the manual did evreything by the book but 300.00 bucks later it runs like a champ front wheel comes right up i did other things twin air filter changed all the oils going to throw my e2 on tommarow probally but thanks evrey one for your help..
  14. stdntpilot

    04 250x Hesitation

    well went and bought the boysen quikshot and the smog block off kit from white bros well tried to install the quikshot and prob screwed evreything up could not get the carb out i have hoses disconnected that i have know idea what they were connected too. not to mention i had the sub frame off and was sparking from the battery i think im going to take it to the mech and have him put it on...
  15. stdntpilot

    04 250x Hesitation

    thanks guys for the input i will get right on it its so annoying