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    1995 610 wxe advance?carb?

    After 15 years, finally, trouble.....Yep, flywheel magnets fell off.......so I used epoxy to hold them back in place.....It was very obvious where to place them. Set timing as the owners manual mentioned (did not have the correct tool to scribe the case, so I eyeballed the flywheel-stator-case at TDC). So, the bike started and ran well off the bottom but seems flat from low/mid range to top (which seems very flat). Oh, also moved from Colorado 6700ft to 300ft above sea level. Went to suggested jetting of local shop and owner manual Dell'Orto PMH40MS 175 main/62 pilot all stock all factory settings. Bike starts, runs, but runs flat as if it is not advancing the timing or not getting enough fuel through the jets. So, I cleaned the carb, checked float, raised needle to next position. Bike ran real well.......then, at 1/3-2/3 throttle the bike felt like a two cyl. bike that the second cyl. decided to kicked in....pulled scary fast (like the good ole days....but just for a few seconds....then it ran flat again. then, It built up to a large backfire upon decel. Just one big-un...Bam! So, I raised the needle again thinking lean....cleaned the plug (seemed rich?) bike ran flat.....with the decel backfire. I returned to previous needle setting and backed out mixture screw 1/4 to 1/2 turn (to cure low speed lean) bike died and or ran rough. So back to stock spec. of 1 1/2 out. Plug still looks rich!!!!!!! I am thinking that the timing is retarded (and maybe I am also?) If the bike is starting (about 6 kicks cold/2-3 hot).......can I be too far off timing? Jetting? CDI controls advance right? But, the baseline stator setting gives the CDI a reference YES? O.K. so about this time I am really ticked off, because the thing ran awesome , like I remember......pre magnet issue......if just for a few seconds (tease) So, I start over....Set valves, new fuel, new plug, clean airfilter, re-clean carb-check float. Now I get a very subtle backfire through the carb....Ok, I can feel it through the air cleaner on my leg!!! Upon kicking..... What tha Fu........? The bike starts.....runs a little rough.....strong on bottom, flat mid, very flat on top....... Its the timing.....right? Retarded........Is the CDI not advancing it? Am I starting too far retarded and getting a lean like backfire due to incomplete burn. I have no flywheel puller.......so I am dead in the water right now. Any Ideas Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? :smashpc Also.....On these Dell'orto carbs is there a reference to setting the choke position On? Off? I see adjustments, but the owner manual has zippo about it! Frustrated and looking at jap bikes!!!!!!!!!! Save me....... So, these magnets have been falling off for 15 years now....Maybe Husky could hire someone to bolt, screw, rivot, velcro, or silly puddy the magnets on. What are the other manufactures using? Yes, Another flywheel thread, but not the last......... New to the sight Glad its here Con