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  1. weshwesh

    CR250 03 from France to Brazil

    Really? that would be a solution... That means that i would just have to find a solution for my 3 feet long - 100lb metallic case containing frame, engine and forks... damn, that sounds feasible I live 1 hour away from the first road... no "blitz" problems Paraguay, quite far away from me but another solution "absurd" is a light word Great to see some brazilian riders on this forum
  2. weshwesh

    CR250 03 from France to Brazil

    Are you in Manaus? Is there good places to ride there? I'll think about the issue, but compared to the R$ 6.000,00 i would pay for my friend's bike, R$ 12.000,00 is such a pain! Anyway i don't have this amount to spend for a bike... I've heard of "semi-legal" ways to bring a bike through the Free Economic Zone of Manaus. Am i dreaming?
  3. weshwesh

    CR250 03 from France to Brazil

    Thanks UNICAM I know all of this... but i cannot pay almost twice for a bike! Moreover, i live in Northeast Brazil, where a good modern bike is as rare as gold. For the price i'll pay the well cared 03 CR250 in France, i can buy here a 95 CR250 in pure brazilian condition (will ride but is almost dead). The idea is to bring the bike here in various travels. A frame or a pair of wheels will pass customs, a whole bike won't. And even if i have to pay for some parts, it will still be cheaper. Of course i'm not against new ideas. Rodolfo, you live in Brazil, work for a french shipping company, and read Honda Thumpertalk 2-stroke forum... I'm sure you've already heard for other solutions than buying a bike here!
  4. weshwesh

    CR250 03 from France to Brazil

    'would be great if you could give me these dimensions, plus the frame width
  5. Hey guys ! I live in brazil and would like to bring here my 03 CR250 (see picture below) by plane. Critical part is frame & engine. Rest is "light" and "easily" transportable. I have a metallic case and maybe the frame & engine could fit in: Could someone give me the dimension of the frame (L*l*w) and the frame & engine weight. Thanks for help !
  6. weshwesh

    went to install grips and

    Maybe this could help: for my bmx, i use WD40. Spray a lot in the grips, put them on the bar (pretty easy with the WD40), then let it dry one day or two. The WD40 reacts with the grip material and make it melt a bit, so when it dries it's just like glue! I have never tried this on a motorcycle, but i'm sure this would lead to the same result
  7. weshwesh

    Skid Plates???

    It seems to be a really good choice! There's many domains where good engineered plastics are far better than any alloys...
  8. weshwesh

    CRF230 in Brazil !

    Hi guys ! I'm from France, and i go to live in Brazil next month... There, i will probably replace my XR250R (stolen here in France) with a CRF230. Remember yours are made in Brazil I've been reading this site for some month to be prepared for the big transformations as i will need some extra power to have fun in the sand dunes, and i'm also looking at brazilian websites to see what do they propose. Look at THIS, in the "vitrine" section, then motor, bottom of page. They have a 270cc kit with forged crank for about US$530. I had fun looking at it, i feel that 270 for this little 230 engine would be too much... i can't wait to see this in real They even reach 400cc on what they call "Tornados", some kind of XR250 new age... +60% displacement !!! I think i will have many things to tell on this forum during next months
  9. Hey guys Does someone know how to hold down the plastic part#17 during the reassembly of the carb bowl? (see picture) Thanks
  10. weshwesh

    Plug mod, a must do.

    Fu@#!* !!! This mod is awesome !!! I've just cut a Ø0.2 in. SS rod and put it in the bike instead of the resistor (keeping the spring in place) and my old 1989 XR250R starts at the first or second kick Before i had to kick about 20 times Maybe no power increasing (not tested yet) but the mod really worth it
  11. weshwesh

    XR250R year 1989 - JETTING

    Thank you for these informations It seems that we have similar riding conditions and bike setup It's astonishing to rich up the mixture at top and low ends without changing the clip position Is the middle clip location is the stock location ? Could someone confirm that one counts the clip position from the top of the jet needle ? THX
  12. weshwesh

    XR250R year 1989 - JETTING

    Well, XR250R in France are imported directly from Japan by a little store (Stey) since HONDA France doesn't want to import them so i think that the carb is the same as in the US (except california if i'm right). My concern is precisely that i will do all the easy mods that have to be performed on the XR (UNI filter, snorkel removal, head pipe weld grinding, unrestricted exhaust pipe and plug mod) so i will have to re-jet The read of your post makes me think that {128/42/1clip} will maybe be too lean... Fortunately, i understand what all you guys are telling me in a language that is not mine, that's a good point
  13. weshwesh

    XR250R year 1989 - JETTING

    Ok, now i've read almost ALL the threads talking about XR250R jetting, and i'm still lost I've found every advices from (128 MJ + 42 PJ) to (135 MJ + 45 PJ) for old XRs at sea level or a little bit more !! I will probably go for the maximum that i can order in France for this bike (132 MJ + 42 PJ) since it also seems to be a good compromise. But at more than 13$ a jet, i would prefer being sure of my choice. Does anyone here has an explanation of such a big difference in people advices ??
  14. weshwesh

    XR250R year 1989 - JETTING

    Hi, I've made a lot of searches on the forum but many threads are talking about recent XRs... I'm going to make some mods soon (UNI, snorkel and -maybe- spark plug resistor) and my exhaust is "free". I was wondering if... - Main Jet: 128 (instead of 125) - Slow Jet: 42 (instead of 40) - Jet Needle Clip: 1 groove lower (than 3rd groove position) ... was a good jetting between sea level and 2000 ft. (must of time at 500 ft.) ?? THX
  15. weshwesh

    Clean Carb how too.

    Maybe some hours in an ultrasonic tank ? That's how my favorite mechanic is cleaning carbs that has spent a lot of time without working... it cleans deeply the carb without effort. You don't have to disassemble it either