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  1. davohat

    whos got the best lookin 250x

    my x...
  2. davohat

    stiff throttle

    yeah ive made sure the throttle housings clean , but i found the problem, its that little white nylon/plastic cable guide in the throttle housing so ive taken it out and it works fine might need a new throttle
  3. davohat

    stiff throttle

    ok my 250x gets a really stiff thottle, the further you turn to the right the stiffer it gets,pulling the cable by hand they feel fine and return without a drama ive ony got a problem when the throttle full assemble alos it has new calble and theyve been routed many different way but still no joy. help me!!........please
  4. davohat

    Post Your CRF250X Pics

  5. davohat

    dropped retainer

    ok ive got it out but it involved taking the magneto cover off, not a big deal.
  6. davohat

    dropped retainer

    i seem to have dropped a cam bearing retainer into the crank cas,e Dohhh! what the best way to get this sucker out, is there a backing plate behind the magneto to get at it or do i have to split the case, if there i any other way, LET ME KNOW. cheers.
  7. davohat

    pro's and con's on 2005 CRF250 X

    i got an 04 250x and its awsome its got 1200km on it, I clean the airfilter every ride and do the oil every 3 rides and its been great, had absoluetly no issues.
  8. davohat

    CRF250 X and R: Photo and Total mods

    04 crf250x staintune muffler graphics acerbis handguards r front master cylinder de restricted airbox & jetted
  9. davohat

    crf250x bashplate

    im gonna go with a B&B bashplate there made over here in australia cheers everyone for your help
  10. davohat

    crf250x bashplate

    did a few searches but still couldnt find anything just really need to no if the crf250r bashplate will fit the 250x? cheers:confused:
  11. davohat

    crf250x bashplate

    couple of quick questions just bought a 2004 crf250x, will the 250r bashplate fit also will the 05 headlight bolt sraight on? cheers