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  1. mike78613

    We all need to see this

    Yes, and about 2 seconds to make your decision to the cagers
  2. mike78613

    Saddle Bags ( What do Ya' Think ? )

    guys, this is the one you'd want. http://www.shipstore.com/SS/HTML/AHED/AHEDSB6b.html sb-6b by Airhead
  3. mike78613

    Great Jacket at a Great Price!

    Nice price. I already have one. Its called Joe Rocket PHOENIX 4.0 I got it for 109.00 @ derby cycles. The best feel yet and hey... We all know JOE saved allot of lives
  4. mike78613

    Your DR-Z kickin your BUTT?

    Well ok,, not the DRZ's fault that your ARSE is sore. But these OEM seats suck!! I driven my bike 2 days all road worthy. 100 miles (2 days). All I can say is my a$$ is sore. I read all the reviews on gel seats, mixed saying some love'em & some hate'em. Well I am about to come to a conclusion . I contacted a company out in Cali called gutsracing. I explained what issues I had of the uncomfortable my DRz been to me. He said the number one complain on my bike style was seat comfort. He said just for about 65.00 shipped. They will gutt out the old foam and install the new "soft" foam which is be a huge margin difference. I plan to ship my seat out tomorrow to these guys. Hey it beats buying a new seat Anyone here did the same?
  5. mike78613

    I drove it to work

    2nd day, my trip to work. Not bad over-all, but man my ARSE hurts. Well ok, not really the butt, but more the leg below my arse cheek. I really gonna need to cushion this seat man. It hurts quite a bit . Really sore sitting here on my work pc typing. Ok... let me get some ice to sit on
  6. mike78613

    I drove it to work

    Mines all stock. I am not sure what thiose gears are
  7. mike78613

    I drove it to work

    thanks all. Well the bike has 5600 miles. I am not sure what kind of miles, but this bike is very very clean. Looks like it never hit the dirt by the indications of the head and carb. Handle grips looks great and I think the tires are still OEM. I'll pull the strap off 2night. as for seat. last night I took off the whole seat to see how my feet would sit if I was to sit on the frame. by the looks of it,,, I am almost flat footed on both sides w/o the seat on the bike. lol I drove home fine. Seems cars were riding my ass trying to push me to go faster. I was already running 68mph and sometimes hit up to 78mph. Speed limit was only 60 by the signs.
  8. mike78613

    DRZ vs XR

    IMHO both great bikes. Umm whats your favorite color? Go with that
  9. mike78613

    I drove it to work

    Wow.. you 2 doing more then me. What kind of MPG you guys running? Also I am in need for tires soon. What type/brand tires you have while driving this commute?
  10. mike78613

    I drove it to work

    Yes!! I sure did!! 25 miles one way / 50 miles a day. I have to admit, my ArSE kind of hurts. Bike not really still fitting to my height, I was able to still ride since I know the gear and clutch/friction zone really well. To about 65mph seemed ok. Going up to 70-80mph it gets really loud and rpms seems to cry loud nad not allot of UMPH after that higer speeds. I am just glad I made it to work and kept up with traffic I am still debating if I should get the lower 1" seat to get more grounded to the concret at a stop light
  11. mike78613

    Austin Texas , ATX riders?

    Just checking in to see who all rides out in the ATX area
  12. mike78613

    The Texas Thread (TTT)

    Can we make this link alive?
  13. mike78613

    Anybody have the IMS 4.2 gallon gas tank?

    On this link: http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/White_Brothers_2005/default.asp?p=286 I cannot seem to find one for the Suzuk DRZ400 though
  14. mike78613

    Anybody have the IMS 4.2 gallon gas tank?

    cool. I'm in. where can they be purchased at ??
  15. mike78613

    Anybody have the IMS 4.2 gallon gas tank?

    --- Now on these gas tanks is it all one piece including the side farings?