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  1. nytrail

    Synthetic Oil?

    no no no, olive oil burns at tooo low of a temp, try using peanut oil. it has a higher burn temp thats why they use it in woks. oh yeah and i use syn in the wr, but its probably money down the drain.
  2. nytrail

    shift lever question

    my buddy and i have laid our wr's down a number of times each and we don't have a scratch on the case. however my other buddy with a TTR punched a hole in his case with the shift lever. i think hurting the case would be my last concern in a fall that hard. but filing it down couldn't hurt i guess
  3. nytrail

    New ATV Park Mount Pocono, PA????

    atleast it could read 125cc 2 stroke/ 250cc four stroke:excuseme: oh well... much hoopla for nothing as this is "thumpertalk":bonk:
  4. nytrail

    WR250F: Good bike for dad?

    i'm a thirty something thats happy with my wr250. crazy racing days have long passed as i am no longer invinceable. i have an 06 with "free mods" and its plenty for me. nice and light to so i can ride without getting tired. narrow and nimble for the tight northeast trails. my understanding is that the dunes require big HP thats were the 426 will shine. happy riding:ride:
  5. nytrail

    CT reg question

    thats good info. thanks. now i just wonder how hard it is to get a ct reg living in ny?? anybody done that?
  6. nytrail

    CT reg question

    scottbob99, just curious why your so sure about this since a link to the dmv was given above? are you affiliated with this area somehow? i rode there last year on a ny plate passsing several officials and was not even questioned. i enjoy the spot and would like to keep ridin there legally. just curious
  7. nytrail

    New 2006 WR250, what to do 1st?

    if you get the GYTR ais removal kit it comes with step by step instructions on all of the mods mentioned above plus what you need to remove the AIS junk. its one stop shopping to wake up the WR.
  8. nytrail

    Maybrook, NY CLOSED!! Now What??

    not worth it in my opinion but up to you
  9. nytrail


    you didnt mention if the gray wire is done?? or, if you removed the ais system. make sure those are done before going through the rejetting hassle.
  10. nytrail

    bog should I ride ?

    do the rest of the free mods and when you get the chance remove the ais system and spend the time to jet it out right. dont be afraid to twist the throttle. it hauls my 220 lb butt around just fine:ride:
  11. nytrail


    yes a 06 wr250 has a hot start lever
  12. nytrail

    wrist protection?

    its better to have a season ending injury then a riding career ending girlfriend. let me know when the bike goes up for sale.
  13. get your gytr ais kit from the local yamaha dealership. $49.99
  14. the GYTR AIS removal kit contains info/parts on all of the free mods as well as the ais removal parts. its one stop shopping for uncorking the wr.