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  1. That's what I've been using lately, I can give u a wp part number aswell if needed
  2. I still think u need to strip n clean, I wouldn't put a shock on the pump that's not 100% clean, u will contaminate all ur work
  3. Inflate the bladder a bit 20psi and away u go, I can vacuum a shock while I'm working on other jobs, it's a constant quality, and takes less time up in the vice, so gets the next job in quicker. I would imagine trax and ttx, would be time consuming to bleed, I would think I could bleed 4-5 trax shocks in a hour, once there built, takes up less time, and workshop space. More efficient through out.
  4. So how you get on bleeding Ttx and trax with out a vac pump??
  5. So your not using a vac pump, he's talking about using a pump.
  6. Lock off the shaft😎😎😎 sounds good that
  7. If your taking out the check plate and using a shim stack, you won't be using as much pressure in the fork. But with this fork there is a lot of range on the reb clicker, so if your rebound stack is a little stiff you should be able to use the adjuster if needed, to get where u need to be
  8. It's not to do with the brand being a problem, the new grease has other properties, it's also about price with manufacturers. I have both greased, both are fine to use.
  9. The 18 bikes not using centoplex, there's another grease manufacturer now, as I emailed one of u on this, already
  10. What I'm saying is, I don't know if your grease has the right property's for the job, not that it's shit, I know what u need from a grease to work, and I was saying, because ur grease is slippery to the feel, it doesn't mean it's a good lubricant in all situations.
  11. I use products that I feel are best, not always genuine
  12. I would say that just because ur grease is slippery to ur feel, it doesn't actually make it a good lubricant, will it last, will it continue to lubricate , that's down to u to do what u feel, if u only done a few that's not so bad, this is my job, and if I have a mechanical failure because I chose the wrong products, I could be doing work for free, that I have no time for, and cost would kill me. I'm doing wp daily so this would close me down
  13. Lol the lipped seal can damage on the thread, the tool is a plastic sleeve that sits in the top and covers the thread, so it's smooth when installing the piston, as I say I don't know what type of grease that is, I use the wp greases as they have the right properties to protect and lubricate.