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  1. just need valving that's how it is
  2. The rebounds weak as piss on both bikes
  3. That's the standard settings
  4. Can't u ask ur local tuner to rate it
  5. 3x40.2 28.1 24.1 36.3 34.3 32.3 30.3 28.3 26.3 23.3 dcc 6x22.2 18.2 16.2 14.2 10.2 8.3
  6. 10x44.2 4x44.25 42.25 40.25 38.25 36.25 32.2 30.2 28.2 26.2 24.2 22.2 4x30.3
  7. The 16 Kxf 250 didn't have a bleed stack on the base
  8. That's not a 250 stack, il get something sorted when I go it to work if I remember.
  9. Won't ever cause any damage, without one in
  10. What about the suspension??
  11. Over fill the cart and run the rod through the stroke like any other fork it will set its own height
  12. They sell those with my logo on😎😎
  13. That's what I've been using lately, I can give u a wp part number aswell if needed
  14. I still think u need to strip n clean, I wouldn't put a shock on the pump that's not 100% clean, u will contaminate all ur work
  15. Inflate the bladder a bit 20psi and away u go, I can vacuum a shock while I'm working on other jobs, it's a constant quality, and takes less time up in the vice, so gets the next job in quicker. I would imagine trax and ttx, would be time consuming to bleed, I would think I could bleed 4-5 trax shocks in a hour, once there built, takes up less time, and workshop space. More efficient through out.