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  1. 48601628S and yes depending what changes you want you can change the ics
  2. They retail about £30 from wp dealers, quick and easy to use
  3. karlace

    WP shock service

    It's not ideal hand bleeding a trax, with only a 1mm bleed and a separater I would think it makes it hard, there are also a lot more parts n seals to change other than a normal shock, from needle shaft seals to seperator piston seals , by sound of it, mIght be best send it out to get it done, a lot of suspension companies strangely enough don't even service these properly, the older ones need springs every time in the trax unit also. A lot differant to a normal kyb to service
  4. just need valving that's how it is
  5. The rebounds weak as piss on both bikes
  6. That's the standard settings
  7. karlace

    Shock spring weight

    Can't u ask ur local tuner to rate it
  8. 3x40.2 28.1 24.1 36.3 34.3 32.3 30.3 28.3 26.3 23.3 dcc 6x22.2 18.2 16.2 14.2 10.2 8.3
  9. 10x44.2 4x44.25 42.25 40.25 38.25 36.25 32.2 30.2 28.2 26.2 24.2 22.2 4x30.3
  10. The 16 Kxf 250 didn't have a bleed stack on the base
  11. That's not a 250 stack, il get something sorted when I go it to work if I remember.
  12. Won't ever cause any damage, without one in
  13. karlace

    2018 KX250F

    What about the suspension??
  14. karlace

    Ohlins TTX fork insert piston set height ?

    Over fill the cart and run the rod through the stroke like any other fork it will set its own height
  15. karlace

    Removing decal adhesive from forks?

    They sell those with my logo on😎😎