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  1. Thanks SilvFx. Good assessment. Why is your daughter now moving to the KDX? Is the KX 100 too small or just not enough umph?
  2. My daughter will be home from college for the summer and we will have some time to ride. However, I think her old TTR 125L is a bit too small now and doesn't have the quality suspension she is ready for. So... what about a mid-size bike, like the KX100 or CRF150RB? They both have about a 34-inch seat height (she's about 5'5" and 115 pounds) and they don't have the weight of the CRF150 or 230. Both the KX100 and CRF150RB have good suspension that can be tuned to trail riding (we don't do any mx track riding). However, can either of these bike engines be modified for decent trail riding - low end tractability, etc.? I would normally say that the 2-stroke would be more difficult to tame for trail, but the 150R is a serious high-rev-hit race machine. So, can a port job and a fly wheel weight (e.g., 12 oz Stealy) do the job on the KX? The KX seems easier to find on Craigslist. Any shared experience with making either of these bikes trail capable is especially appreciated.
  3. MtnBoy

    Morrow Co. OHV vs. Winom Frazier vs...

    Thanks LlamaFace. Anyone else ride these areas?
  4. Looking to ride two days in NW Oregon. Which place is best for two days of riding mid October, considering we really like singletrack. I understand that can be hard to come by, but just so you know where I'm coming from. I'm seeing Morrow County OHV, Winom Frazier OHV, and Blue Mtns OHV. Which is best and why, in your view? Do they each have enough miles of trails to keep us going for two days? Thanks in advance.
  5. MtnBoy

    CRF250X diet!

    I saved pounds replacing the stock exhaust with a full Ti Yoshimura system, over a pound with a RCS rear Ti spring, and a few ounces with a Trail Tech kick stand. As for handling in tight woods, I thought I had a disadvantage to my brother's KTM until I properly set my rider sag.
  6. MtnBoy

    Yoshimura TRC Comp Series Full Exhaust System

    I have the full Ti system with opened-up airbox, JD jetting kit, and stage 1 Hotcam. I have low end and high end. I couldn't be more pleased. I previously tried the DaVinci slip on. This is way lighter and more opened up. The improvement was so dramatic, I thought something was wrong when it was cutting out quickly in low gears. Then I installed a tach (TrailTech Vapor) and realized I was bouncing off the rev limiter quick with all the extra power.
  7. MtnBoy

    Did my JD kit! got a ?

    You could be hitting the rev limit so fast now that it seems you are going flat on the top end when you are really just fired up fast. That's what happened to me when I did the mods. I put on a tach (Vapor) and did a pink wire switch. It all works great.
  8. MtnBoy

    Pink Wire Mod

    I don't know that it will give you more "snap". But it will increase your rev limit by about 400rpm. My exhaust, air box, and jetting mods had my bike hitting the rev limit so fast that I put a pink-wire rocker switch in the back of my air box. Works great, no problems, and I check the max revs after rides periodically on my computer.
  9. MtnBoy

    Rev Box ?s

    I put a pink wire rocker switch inside my air box with the wires coming out the back of the box where the pigtails are nested. Now I can switch it on and off by simply opening the side of the air box and flipping the switch. I found that with the pink wire connected my limit has been 12,150rpm. With it disconnected my previous problem (hitting the limit too fast in 1st and 2nd - same as your current problem) is gone and my max revs have only been 12,400 (as shown on my Vapor computer). Definitely worth it and I don't feel too at risk.
  10. MtnBoy

    New Fuel Screw and Drain Plug

    Cool. I have the fuel screw already. I can get at mine with my fingers if I "contort" a bit. What size is the drain plug? I'd like to get one.
  11. MtnBoy

    Does the 06 turn better than 05?

    You could change the "carvability" of the '05 pretty quick with proper suspension set up. Check your rider sag first. If that's too much you'll push a bit in the corners. If that's set right and you still under-steer, drop the triple clamps a few millimeters on the forks. Also, are there differences in tires?
  12. MtnBoy

    Hanguard mount comparison?

    I bought the Cycra triple clamp mounts for the 250x, but they don't fit - get in the way of the front plate/shroud mount. I guess I can cut them a bit to make them work - but that's annoying. They should work right out of the package - especially at the prices they charge.
  13. MtnBoy

    '07 head, on my '04 X, new valves

    Did you have the flywheel weight in before the '07 head change? It seems like adding 10oz to a 20oz flywheel would make the engine more mellow and better for the trails as you describe. Just interested to know if that made some difference apart from the head change.
  14. MtnBoy

    turning and leaning

    "Most dirt riders need to manoever their bikes at slower speeds and through tighter turns so they lower the forks and the steering gets light and twichy." Good insight for me. My forks are almost all the way up now. What range of lowering the forks is usual? I'd like to lower them a bit and experiment, but I don't want to go overboard. I ride mostly woods. Thanks.
  15. MtnBoy

    R cam?

    Sorry, right, $189.