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  1. Seen one in person the other day, looks pretty badass.
  2. Theres some good china bikes. I got a buddy who has a bike from Medina Minis. Its sick. Ive never looked at anything other than Honda, but Im impressed by the quality. http://www.medinaminisx.com/
  3. Because they are fun. Its like a bmx bike you dont have to pedal. On an unrelated note, how the hell did you find this old ass thread?
  4. planetminis.com, complete plastics and graphics for 76.99 shipped. there should be a link in vendor news on the front page. Stephen
  5. xr50.com has the 124 DOHC but i didnt see any 140. thats expensive shit. Stephen
  6. yeah, with the exception of the blue, the pics look like they came from a honda catalog. Stephen
  7. i dont get the whole outgrowing thing you guys keep bringing up. either you are raising little metzgers or the rest of the 50 world just cant ride. if im at 6'5 187 and i dont bottom out with sp5s (without HD springs) and an i shock. what am i doing wrong? theres no way to outgrow a 50 only lose interest.
  8. you get what you pay for Stephen
  9. i kind of contradicted myself with the money pit sentence. i mean that it will be a money pit only because you will want to do more than you really need to. its addicting. but you get my point.
  10. but its not as much fun as a 50 when its bigger. you can be stoked about anything on 50. you make it up a hill... awesome. jump off the curb... awesome. shit, you drive by im gonna smile. but i have to agree that its a bit of a money pit. it doesnt have to be though. you can build it pretty well for not a whole lot. id do the fork extenders, an i shock, the tb88, and whatever bar kit you choose. im 6'5 187 and ride an 03 xr50 with sp5s, 88 kit, i shock w/res, bbr wheels, red baron footpegs, m4 exhaust and it rides great. not a competitive race bike, but definitely capable of what i throw at it. anyway, i got that for 1700. you should check the classifieds on planetminis.com . theres always good stuff on there. Stephen
  11. i think you should relax hsb. this has nothing to do with prison. im guessing from your post you have been, you seem to have the scared straight mentality. as for my motive and the law and all that crap you put, when i say to piss them off i dont mean kill their dog (which could be what you did), i mean stuff like go complain about dog crap or say the dishwasher isnt working once a week. just ways to annoy them, not get myself locked up. i already said i wasnt gonna ride the 50 or discuss anything about it with them. im gonna leave that alone. i can forgive, but i cant forget. so anyway, i was being sarcastic in my post about killing them. have a sense of humor. i only made this thread cause i knew a bunch of you could relate. Stephen
  12. shit, im considering getting that chassis and a cheap 125 motor off of ebay for friends to ride with me. for less than a grand i dont think i would feel too bad. Stephen
  13. ive got m4 exhaust. its really not that loud. not any louder than dumbass fart cans or the idiots with their hip hop radios... a lesson to be learned, if your neighbors ask to ride your fifty. let them or they will be bitches. or kill them before they can go tattle to the managers. Stephen
  14. I think it would be fine as long as you dont try and jump real big. Stephen
  15. i think its in fort worth. www.blacksockmafia.com Stephen