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  1. mole

    Hungry Valley Nowadays?

    Thinking back, Thanksgiving weekend of 04' was our last trip up there, we got invaded by a group of fools that showed up at 3 am and proceeded to teach a 8 year old to ride a 450 quad with no helmet, supported by a bunch of beer chugging yahoos! The next morning their campsite was riddled with beer cans and a "un-approved" fire pit...still smoldering! I think they arose about 2:00pm.
  2. Looks like there is not much Green here, let's add some!
  3. Atvtrailrider, Consider looking at the 06' thru current Kawasaki KLX250s, they are popular everywhere but in California due to ARB regulations. I currently own one and the beat the Honda crf 230 hands down!
  4. Not only did Yamaha drop the ball but Kawasaki comes out with the KLX250s and will sell it only it 49 states excluding California. It looks like all the Japanese manufactures are ignoring the situation here in California. Rumor has it that the 50 state legal KTM has not been CARB approved for California sales?
  5. Street plating a dirt bike in California can be done if you have the proper vin sequence/year ect, but what I was after was a 250 "out of the box" street legal off road bike. To me it just does not make good business sense to offer a bike for sale in the other 49 states and not make it avalible in California.
  6. I have tried to contact Kawasaki Co. regarding the California exclusion with the KLX 250s model and have got no real answer as to if and when they will attempt to certify this model in California. I have no interest in the 650 model and the 250 Husky is way to tall for me so that is out of the question. It is my understanding that you can not even purchase on out of state and re register it in CA. I had even thought of having a CA dealer purchase one and try to green sticker it (just a thought) but was told by the local dealer that the will not even ship this model to CA. Some additional research I did was on the California Air Resources Board (CARB) web site to see even if that model was in the approval process and only found approval for a 2005 KL250 model (Executive order: M-001-0401) that was approved in March of 04. Anyone got any info regarding this, because Kawasaki does not have the answers.
  7. mole

    approaching DOGS !!

    Back in the day I was told by an old Harley rider that had a daily problem with a dog on the same street, He tied a rag to the rear of the bike and when old Rover came a running and chomped on to the rag Rover was drug down the street!