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  1. belkjamesr

    Seriously thinking about buying a 150sx for trails

    2012 is the first year for linkage on the 150. The best two years are 2012 and 2013 because they have linkage and closed cartridge forks. The 2014 and later have 4CS forks and they take a lot of money to make them work.
  2. belkjamesr

    What do you dirtbikers do for a living??

    Pick a job that will support the lifestyle you want. I'm an anesthesiologist with 10 weeks of vacation a year. My salary enables me travel anywhere I want and buy whatever I want. I don't hate my job but I will tell you after working any job for a few years it will just be a means to support your lifestyle.
  3. belkjamesr

    Upc xsi pro help

    I have 2 XSI pro bikes with the same forks. I got rebuild kits from Pat out of California he has all the UPC left over parts from when they went out of business. His number is 714-391-2785. It can take him a while to get parts to you. He is really busy and sells the parts as a side business. Years ago Performance spring Inc sold me a stiffer spring for my forks. Their number is 918-633-3593. Your forks have one metal spring in one fork leg and an air chamber and damper cartridge in the other.
  4. belkjamesr

    Too lean main?

    Maybe too rich. If you go from 3/4 to full throttle and the bike does not continue to pull real hard after the accelerator pump quits squirting (a couple seconds) then you are too lean. If it stumbles when wide open then its too rich. Make sure your air filter is clean too, it can make the bike run rich at full throttle.
  5. belkjamesr

    06 250x valve question

    put stainless intake valves in it and you wont have the problem again
  6. belkjamesr

    why is it hard to start cold but warm its easy

    Check your valves again. I will bet you your Right intake valve is zeroed out and you cant even get a feeler guage in there !! Its happened to me many times on both my 250x's. if your bike has fairly low hours just pop the head off and put 2 Stainless valves in there nothing else and the thing will run a couple hundred more hours.
  7. belkjamesr

    Valve Question

    Just ride it till one of the valves goes out of spec. Then put new stainless valves on the intake side with new seals and you'll be able to ride it for a few hundred hours after that. If it gets hard to start then you probably zeroed one of the valves. Thats still OK, just put the new intake valves and seals in the head and fill the intake port with liquid. if the valves dont leak any of the liquid your seats are fine. The valve coatings wear off and the titanium valves are very soft so usually the valves wears and the seats are fine. I have done this on 3 bikes and no problems to date with hundreds of hours an each. Most people that want to rebuild your head just want your money !!
  8. Will YZ graphics fit on my 2007 WR250x ? If so what years ?
  9. belkjamesr

    I'm Thinking Autoclutch

    mine made me a much faster rider especially in the tight stuff
  10. belkjamesr

    Suspension Swap?

    I believe more oil in the forks only helps bottoming resistance.
  11. belkjamesr

    Suspension Swap?

    YOur suspension is sprung for a heavier bike. Call Pro Action and ask them their opnion.
  12. belkjamesr

    I'm looking for a new battery

    Walmart has a battery thats fits perfect and only cost about $33. You might have to ask for a battery for a crf230. Mine works way better than the stock battery did.
  13. belkjamesr

    Is there supposed to be a clamp on an FMF pipe ?

    Install instructions on my FMFQ4 are to use silicone. Their is no clamp its a tight fit.
  14. belkjamesr

    crf250x exhaust

    Yes 2004 or 2005 250r exhaust will fit the 250x. I bought mine for $84 shipped from Service Honda.
  15. belkjamesr

    Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys the cam chain was probably half way off when I put it back together the first time thats why it locked up when i rolled it over(because the cam didn't stay in time with the crank). I finally took it apart today and found 2 bent intake valves, which really stinks because they were brand new.