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  1. babronc302

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Here's my '06 Knobbied up. I'm thinking about making the Motard Change.
  2. babronc302

    back from north africa

    I run the MT-21's on the street pretty hard and they do great for a full knobbie.
  3. babronc302

    IMS tank vent

    I got one of the billet caps off of Dennis Kirk and haven't had any trouble with it.
  4. babronc302

    Black Painted Side Panels pic

    FYI for those of you with blue bikes. They don't really have a matching color. The light is too light and the other is too dark. I'm going to paint my panels black as well and I'll post some pics of the outcome in a week or so.
  5. babronc302

    Phoenix AZ Jetting?

    I'm taking the DR to AZ for a couple of days and was wondering what jetting you guys are running out there. Also are there any good places to ride in the Phoenix/Surprise area? Thanks in advance.
  6. babronc302

    hesitation just past idle

    My '06 does the same thing. I have the 160 main with the needle in the 4th clip and the airbox open with a K&N/ pre-filter combo. If I just goose it a little at the lights, it'll usually take of fine, but that gets a little old.
  7. babronc302

    Looking for DR stock break light lens

    PM me with your zip and a reasonable offer and we'll go from there. I'll check the shipping and yes I do have a Paypal account. It's just laying on a shelf collecting dust, you might as well get some use out of it.
  8. babronc302

    Looking for DR stock break light lens

    If you need the stock housing and lens, I have one for you.
  9. babronc302

    K&N air filter, air box mod and off road riding

    I'm kind of curious too. I run the K&N with the pre-filter, but it's not sandy here in Ohio and rarely dusty. Is it time for a change, or am I going to be ok?
  10. babronc302

    Rear brake pedal and bar ends

    I'm just over in akron, ohio and I have a couple of spare bar ends as well. Let me know if you need them.
  11. babronc302

    Another jetting question

    I changed the jetting back to the 160 and tried the 5th notch. It seems to be doing better, but I think the throttle response is hurting the wheelie ability as it will just barely pull the front end up. I already have the hole drilled in the slide and I'm also going to double check the throttle cable to make sure it is in specs. I think the 14 toother and pirelli m-21's are hurting my mpg, but it is a lot easier than changing them out everytime I want to hit the dirt. Do you know of anywhere I can get the filter without ordering, I'd like to have it in tomorrow. I might try to tackle the pipe weld while I'm at it. Thanks for all of the great info rob, your help is much appreciated. Where do you live/ride in michigan?
  12. babronc302

    Another jetting question

    I figured bernoulli had something to do with it. I also though about making some kind of wind break for the top of the airbox to even out/disrupt the smooth air flow to decrease the buffeting. I'll bump back down to the 160 today then and order the new vent filter and see how she runs. What does cutting the spring do? What kind of mileage are you getting Rob? What does the header grind do for the bottom end?
  13. babronc302

    Another jetting question

    I'm currently running with an open air box as per jesse, K&N with pre-filter, DJ Kit, 14 tooth and everything else stock. I have been riding with the 160 Main, 4th clip from the top, and 2.5 turns. The low end seemed pretty good, but while trying to cruise along at low throttle, I had quite a bit of surging. I'm was also only getting about 38MPG taking it easy around town. The plugs had a light brown color with a black everywhere but the tip. Tonight I popped in the 170 and dropped the needle to the 3rd clip. The low end lost a little, but the rest of the ride seemed quite a bit smoother . I'll check the plugs in the morning to see what they tell me. I'm thinking the 170 is too big since I don't have an exhaust yet, but i'm not sure what to try next. I can't seem to get the wheelie power out of it that some of you guys are talking about, and I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. babronc302

    Stock petcock on ims?

    I'm currently running the ims tank and petcock, but hate the quality. Are there any known issues with running the stock petcock with the ims? I don't really want to shell out the 80 bucks for the pingle. Any help wold be much appreciated.
  15. babronc302

    New Springs WOW.

    I didn't remove the lower linkage. I just pulled the airbox quick and the spring popped right out of the top.