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  1. chickfire13

    What Are Your Daily Drivers?

    1997 F 250 7.3L Diesel extended cab long bed is my daily driver about 15mpg 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe (not in the best condition) for putting around town 200 cubic inch straight 6 engine not too bad on the mileage don't acctually know what it gets though Do have a DRZ 400 plated but its too cold to ride to work right now (especially since its raining!)
  2. chickfire13

    For All The SoCal Girls

    +1 for Spangler lots of different terrain and plenty of space to camp
  3. chickfire13

    Makeup? Nails?

    For me I almost never wear makeup anyways so certainly not going to wear it when I ride I do try to put on sunscreen cuz I am super white and burn instantly Nails I have to keep short natural and un painted for work (I get pedicures as a comprimise) My hair is hopeless its curly and fuzzy and I can't do anything with it, I would straighten it but after the first day out riding and taking a shower the straightening is gone and I have to do it all over again which seems like a waste that and I think my boyfriend would be annoyed if I spent forever in the trailer doing my hair.
  4. Thanks for the tips guys I just bought a truck and have been pondering the best way to go about this myself (F250 4x4 for me) so its pretty tall I think I am going to need some pretty long ramps cuz pushing (well anything upper body strength related) not so great for me (dang these puny girl arms!) I will have to consider using a stand for a step
  5. chickfire13

    Trailer recomendations

    Assuming your sequoia is a 1500 look for something small and make sure you get a brake controller and a good weight distribution hitch for your truck, there are a bunch of superlight trailers available so look around there are lots of useful RV websites available for more info
  6. Congrats on the hauler! My hauler is only 21ft so the bikes park in the living area never had a problem with smell except the one time my bike fell over (tie down broke/ shredded) and dumped gas on the floor but just turn off your fuel before loading and its all good!
  7. chickfire13

    Dumb question

    to the best of my knowledge my bike is bone stock, not a bad accident just several little ones fall over go boom type things but they are bent to the point where I notice it when riding now previously just a bit bent but not enough to bother me. Hey progirlz I have my own truck now maybe I can come ride with you during the week when school starts up again!!
  8. chickfire13

    Dumb question

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=561331 Ah ha there is a controls section!!! (yes I previously searched but to no avail but upon further clicking around yay! found this article)
  9. chickfire13

    Dumb question

    Ok so my handlebars are bent (from crashing multiple times ) is there anything I should know before buying a new pair? I have never had to replace handlebars before and am somewhat lost on what am I looking for. As for me and my bike I have a 2004 XR 250 that I use primarily for desert/ trail riding I don't race don't do anything particularly crazy I just need a set of handlebars that are not bent. Any help would be great. Thanks so much!
  10. chickfire13

    Lets see The Thumpette's Your Best Pics of yourselves!

    A few more: Me with new helmet on a ride to Trona pinnacles Me cleaned up hoisting my nephew into the air at thanksgiving My nephew loves riding the XR 50 (he is now riding without training wheels) Here he is taking care of his bike (wash day!)
  11. chickfire13

    Lets see The Thumpette's Your Best Pics of yourselves!

    The Honda dealership (the front 4 are mine, the last one is my bf's) Me and my baby girl My trailer (Mom's truck) for hauling all my bikes around (and my private bathroom! Me with helmet on (old helmet): Me without helmet:
  12. Me: 23y/o 5'7" 135lbs inseam: 30-32"? Riding: SoCal desert Rider type: um moderate my bf says I am aggresive cuz he has a hard time keeping up with me but obstacles and especially turns make me a little wary My bikes: 2005 Yahama TW200: family bike dual sport, BIG rear wheel, heavy for its size, first gear really low, max speed about 55, really short amount of suspension travel, not good for serious off roading, great for putting around town or fire roads, electric start. 2000 & 2001 Honda XR 200: really good for learning to ride decent suspension for lightweights (under 150lbs) good amount of power (can go slow but will move if you give it some gas) for timid riders, kick start but starts first or second kick most of the time. First bikes I bought for myself still love 'em and ride them especially putting around camp or having my nephew follow me on his 50. 2004 Honda XR250: My bike, I love it, stock, on the taller side for me but can still get my toes on the ground, but have to put it on the kickstand to kick it over. Still working out some issues on starting (bought it used) Suspension is great, lots of power, good for moderate to aggresive riders 2003 Honda XR400: my boyfriend's bike, baja designs dual sport kit, rejetted, unsnorkled, quite tall (only one foot on the ground at a time) for me but a blast to ride, engine is more tractor like is not picky about what gear its in, a little heavy but not much more than my 250, power is tame which is nice, suspension is great for heavier people (my bf 250lbs+) a bit too stiff for a lightweight for me, 2001 Honda XR50: camp bike! fun for putting around from trailer to trailer not much else Learned to ride on ancient Honda dirtbikes specifications unknown
  13. chickfire13

    Chick gear review

    Uh lets see gear: First off me 5'7", 135lbs, 36" 28" 38" Riding XR250 SoCal dessert Helmet: TLD speed equipment (black and pink) love it tons of venting which is great when it gets hot out Jersey: TLD moto jersey, nice and vented great for when its hot out but a little chilly for some of the winter desert riding only problem is sleeves are too tight to but elbowpads under so I wear them over the jersey. I do also have the TLD speed equipment jersey which is nice too but is a bit on the big side for me (I think I have a small?) Pants:TLD moto (girls medium I think?) I love having pockets for desert riding great for putting my GPS/ trailer keys in, no real complaints with them sizing is ok enough room for my butt and everything, also have the TLD speed equipment pants (size 32 or 34 I think?) they are guys sizing so I had to buy them to fit over my hips so they are loose in the waist, but the padding around the tailbone is nice, a little snug over my knee pads though. Boots: Fox ladytracker size 9 (which is impressive cuz my regular shoes are size10) only problems I broke a buckle which they were nice enough to send me a replacement which was super easy to install, and the fact that my knee pads dont quite fit with the velcro on the top of the boots Chest protector: Shift profile a guys but the most comfortable for me tried on the aceribis lady's one and it just hit in the wrong places on me, my only problem with it trying to figure out which side is the front Knee pads: MSR reflex like them but hard to fit with the boots, and since I crashed on one of them a few rides ago it on occasion gets stuck in the flexed position and requires some force to unstick it Goggles: cheapo Scotts want to upgrade just fogging problems Face mask: dont recall the brand but only problem is the back flaps are too long and I have to use the edges of the velcro straps to get it to be snug on my face, and the general velcro in the hair nonsense
  14. chickfire13

    04 XR 250 not starting

    I can't recall what the idle setting is at the moment but I do know they adjusted it while we were trying to get it started and tried a few different variations, I will check the carb again I am just trying to think what else could be causing this problem
  15. chickfire13

    04 XR 250 not starting

    Hi all, new to this section (even though I have 4 XRs) my newest bike is a 2004 XR 250, as far as I can tell the bike sat out (probably outside) for quite a bit of time as the bike looks like it had never been ridden (until I got my hands on it ) When I bought the bike it did not start was told the guy had not drained the carb before putting the bike away so figured clean out and rebuild the carb and should be all set to go. We cleaned out the carb which was very nasty and gunked up got it all rebuilt got it to start, took it out a few weekends ago it was a gigantic pain in the butt to start ended up pulling it, still didn't start with the pulling but one kick after the pulling session off it went. Went out this weekend and could not get the dang thing to start again, tried kicking a million times, pulling, all that stuff with no success needless to say I was not a happy chickie about not getting to ride my bike. My dad (my mechanic) thinks there could be possible electrical problems related to the bike sitting out for so long does anyone have any ideas what else we should start looking at to make this thing run??? Its an XR for crying out loud the rest of my XRs all start 1st or 2nd kick this bike won't start for anything or anyone. Thanks in advance!!!