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  1. brejifus

    My Transamerica Trail Adventure

    When does the book version get released? I'd buy it.
  2. brejifus

    New 2006 DRZ-400SM owner in Hong Kong

    Welcome to TT, definitely search the forums for the 3x3/jetting mod. Huge difference in throttle response. Also wheelingcyclesupply.com has black plastics for the SM.
  3. brejifus

    Anybody use the Zeta UX3 fatbar adapters???

    Gas for you!
  4. brejifus

    Anybody use the Zeta UX3 fatbar adapters???

    Yea, that's them. They look good. Thanks.
  5. If so post some pics of what it looks like on your bike. I am thinking of buying these for my new fatbars and would like to see what they look like installed.
  6. brejifus

    someone parting out "E" on ebay

    Yea... I was bidding on the Handlebar adapters, but with shipping they are almost as much as brand new, so I decided to order mine from langstonracing.
  7. brejifus

    Float bowl screw removal

    Do you have replacement allen screws? If so then I would recommend the grab-it pro. I had that problem with one of the screws. I tried different screwdrivers, the vice grip trick and nothing worked. I then bought the Grab-it pro from Lowes. It was awesome. Had that thing out in seconds. Of course the screw was ruined but I had the allen screws from the JD jet kit to replace it.
  8. brejifus

    Motostrano SM Barebones Kit

    Alright, I have been researching the S to SM conversion for about 2 weeks and I am about to pull the trigger for my 2002S conversion, but I wanted to see if anyone has purchased the motostrano SM barebones kit and what they think about, any problems you might have run into and an overall rating. http://www.motostrano.com/sucokibabo.html I have emailed them with my questions but I figure I could ask the knowledgable TTrs and see what they say. 1. Is everything included for an easy wheel swap, (ie: spacers) 2. Compatible with SM speedo drive (I don't think it is) I might have more later............. Thanks.
  9. brejifus

    I'm no Angel

    Don't listen to me, he is right.
  10. brejifus

    I'm no Angel

    Yea, I took it when I was in the USAF. Best thing is, they paid for it. Have to take it to ride in CO.
  11. No offense taken. No harm no foul. I just seemed that you were annoyed with my question, that is all. It's all good.
  12. Alright, alright. Just a simple question. There was no hostility in my message. That is why I said dealio and didn't say stuff like "what the F?" Just curious that is all. Most of us have lives and family, but in this day and age of technology you get used to things rolling along faster. The internet has spoiled us all. If it takes 4 weeks, then that is fine. Just wanted a heads up and the website doesn't mention about how long it would take. I won't bug you anymore. My bad.
  13. yo endurodog, You're the membership guy for RMEC right? How long does it take to get a membership? I sent in the RMEC membership app on 19 April. Haven't seen anything yet and my check hasn't cleared. What is the dealio?