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  1. Threecrfs

    How much fork oil to buy on 2002 yz125

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I am going to install new seals on the forks and service manual says oil capacity is 19.4 oz. Is that for 1 fork or both? I just ordered 1 qt and didn't want to start the process without the proper amount on hand. 2002 yz125
  3. Threecrfs

    Exhaust valve wear with only 60hrs

    Thank you everyone. When checking it with a dowel pin I found I was not on TDC (The pic was great). The valve clearance are in spec. I am feeling alot better. I appreciate the advice.
  4. Threecrfs

    Exhaust valve wear with only 60hrs

    Everything on the bike is stock, the only mistake I made is not measuring the valves eariler so I would have a base measurement. I didn't know if I would damage the engine by continuing running the engine and taking another measure in 10 hrs.
  5. Threecrfs

    Exhaust valve wear with only 60hrs

    I have a 05 450x with approx 60 hrs. I checked the valves. The intake valves were perfect, no wear. The exhaust were suppose to be .011 and I found them to be .003 and .007. I was shocked because I have taken exceptional care with air filter changes, etc. It starts easy, runs great, idles great, etc. Am I a fool for keep on running it and waiting for it to run poor, or should I get it into the dealership. I've heard that shimming the valves is only a temp fix and it will be back in the shop soon to have the valves replaced.
  6. Threecrfs

    Crf230 fork seal replacement help

    I figured it out. I just removed the allen head screw on the bottom and everything came out easily.
  7. Just bought a used 2004 crf230 with leaking fork seals. My service manual only covers older xl's so I don't have the exact directions. I have removed the forks, drained the oil, removed dust seal, and the circlip. Do I just pull hard on the fork tube out of the slider to remove the seal? I don't know if a need a special tool or not. I have a service manual coming but I am trying to get the seals replaced this weekend. Would appreciate any advice.