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  1. ductbust

    tranny problem

    thanks Jetboy 39
  2. ductbust

    tranny problem

    have a 2000 model YZ 125 6 speed , bike wont go in gear unless its idling and it jumps in and out of 4th gear when revving engine . bike new to me someone has been in bottom end all new gaskets. maybe someone knows any ideas to check before i go all into splitting case. thanks in advance
  3. just purchased a 96 model husky 2 stroke 360 . i ordered a FMF Gnarly pipe for it . I live 450 feet above sea level ( most riding done within a few hundred feet either way ). Is there anyone out there with same setup or info on jetting for this combo? As far as i know the carb is stock set up. 1 more question where to find aftermarket silencer for this bike ? haveny owned a husky in 20 yrs. Thanks for any suggestions in advance , I would really like to get proper jetting before pipe arrives>
  4. ductbust

    need jetting help

    bought a FMF gnarly pipe for my 96 wxe 360. I live 400 feet above sea level , was wondering if anyone had experience with this combo for jetting advice. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
  5. ductbust

    dying 2 stroke

    thanks for the post t will check all this event
  6. ductbust

    dying 2 stroke

    oK just purchased a 2006 CR 85 for my son , i beleive it has been sitting for several months . we rode the first day it ran great 2nd day it runs 1 min then dies like its running out of fuel. it will crank after it sets for a min or so.run 1 min then die. any ideas before i pull carb and clean it > thanks in advance for any ideas
  7. ductbust


    thanks 707 last was just a info comment. terraflex rubbed the battery
  8. ductbust


    anyone know the stock size rear tire? and the largest that will fit ? I do have a super start mod yoshi pipe?
  9. ductbust

    DRZ400SM and E no longer available?

    the Canadian model looks awesome
  10. ductbust

    hooligan mod

    anyone here ever use the ninja 250 wheels for the hooligan mod? if so please direct me to the info I will need to complete this. The wheel set i purchased were on a DR 350, not much mods for them to work on the 350.
  11. ductbust

    Anyone can tell what kind of FCR I have by the pic?

    fcr flatslide not MX
  12. ductbust

    someone knows?

    I'm from Tennessee, elevation 500ft. goimg to Oklahoma city elev 1000-1200 anyone know if I need to change jetting. dont know whats in there now without checking log. basic mods 39mm mx,3x3,rs3 and filter. thanks
  13. ductbust

    metal in the oil screen

    thanks packman I do oil changes every 1000 except for last been busy or traveling so just rode and neglected . I must stay on top of it and locktite fixes on the way I've had to many good rides to loose it now
  14. ductbust

    metal in the oil screen

    thanks guys/ yes first time since new.and I'm also hoping fresh oil relieves the ticking. I guess I'll oil it up and ride this weekend thanks again
  15. ductbust

    metal in the oil screen

    Wow 8k on the engine first time i checked the oil screen .Was very clean besides about 10-15 metal shavings and a few black ones as well .shavings were about 1mm long, oil had about 2 k on it ( I know I was bad for letting go that long).The engine has had a full clutch kit about 2 k ago. give me some opinions on what to check or should i ride and check it after next ride.It does have slight tick in the engine so I bought some cams since i figured i would be adjusting valves. Could metal be from old clutch? Maybe i'll pull valve covers tomorrow and look . I feel sick and confused I guess I'll sleep on it.