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  1. DRayzor

    Engine Sound Change after MCCT?

    If the timing had advanced it would run like a dog. You are probably just a bit nervous like most people who install the MCCT.
  2. DRayzor

    HeadLight Turn off Switch

    Avalanche is actually correct. The DRZ has permanent magnet AC Generator. The only way to regulate its output voltage is to apply a load (Eg lights battery) if this load is reduced the output voltage will go to high. To prevent this, the voltage regulator sinks the extra power generated to reduce the voltage. In a car alternator it has a rotor coil driven by a voltage regulator to control output voltage from the stator. (motor bikes have a permanent magnets as such the output voltage cannot be altered other than applying a load)
  3. DRayzor

    Fair dealer price for valve check / shim?

    $75 to check the shims is a rip off !! . The most time consuming part of the job is taking off the seat and the plastics, once you have access to the valves it only take about 5 mins to check if they are in spec. When I first got my bike I paid to have the shims adjusted on my bike, because i was a bit apprehensive but since I have learned how to do it myself. (It only took the Bike Shop 1 hour to adjust all four valve shims, so once again they are quoting you way to much )
  4. DRayzor

    oil leak - drive shaft?

    I purchased a second hand DRZ and had the same problem you had. Lucky for me a riding partner noticed before I lost too much oil. With my bike I found I was able to use the locktite and reassemble to the correct torque and I haven't had any oil leaks since. With the nut finger tight oil can find its way up the inside of the shaft and out onto the sprocket. I just hope the bush inside the gearbox is OK. Anyway as the others suggest do a search you will find a mound of information. It is an all to common problem. PS thanks guys you have helped me a great deal.
  5. DRayzor

    Can pinch flats be avoided? Need Help!

    Your running a good tyre pressure, have you replaced your standard tubes with heavy duty ? They really make a difference. Other than that there are some super heavy duty tubes on the market around 6mm thick.
  6. DRayzor

    Broken, now what?

    Sorry to hear about your trouble. The Bolt that is snapped off, drill a hole down the centre on the bolt and then try an easy out. It would be a good idea to use plenty of CRC and let it soak overnight. Try the other two bolts, if they bind as you try to remove them don't force them. Try a blow on top of the bolt with a hammer. Try screwing in and out to loosen the bolt. If you can loosen the bolt apply CRC and let it soak overnight. And yes don't forget that never seize when you put it back together. Good luck !
  7. DRayzor

    stator cover gaurd??

    Yes Don't delay !!! I did and after a gentle lay over in a river crossing I've cracked my side case. Not Happy and $270 poorer. The worst part was that I could have been stranded, I was way up in the mountains.
  8. DRayzor

    Rad. guards in Australia

    There are none that are cheap, but B & B make a top qaulity radiator guard around $190 http://www.bbaluminium.com/suzuki_kawasaki1.htm
  9. DRayzor

    looking at 03 z400s what to look out for?

    Disc Rotors can tell you a lot about a bike, check for wear and condition. Also the foot pegs once again check for wear. Speedos can be disconected and can be unreliable but these two simple checks can reveal a lot about a motor bike. Check Motor oil, Coolant, Swingarm bearings and Air filter.
  10. DRayzor

    DRZ vs XR

    I have both bikes as well, The XR has more low down torque, The DRZ has more top end and more responsive. The XR valves are easily adjusted whereas the DRZ has shims which are a pain to adjust. Basically I agree with all the other posters. They are both great bikes. The XR is bullet proof and a little agricultural, The DRZ a bit more fragile but more fun to ride. I have dragged both bikes on the tar and the DRZ (E Model) only just beats the XR, so they are pretty even which really susprised me
  11. DRayzor

    2005 DRZ 400S kick starter

    I've been considering a Kick starter for my bike, but after reading a number of threads here I have some concerns. I have read that if you have a battery failure (shorted plates) you can't get the motor to run even if you try to roll start it. Does anyone know if this is really the case?