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  1. MR50RACER

    Iowa and Missouri Hare Scrambles??

    www.mhscracing.com raced one of them last year. It was pretty fun
  2. MR50RACER

    Those who ride & race a 450 ?

    06 kx 450 age 37 ability 450a,+25,+30,+35 height 6'2" wt 205lbs yrs riding 32
  3. MR50RACER

    Getting your Team Green $$$$$$....

    I signed up last year and I never received my first payment. The website said to wait 45days. I waited and didn't receive anything. I called the company they had running it and they said, "oh no problem you will be getting your card in a couple of days." Card never showed up. Called again and talked to somebody else and they said that I never sighned up. I said um no I signed up and you guys must have lost my information. They said they would give my info to kawasaki and it should be cleard up in a few days. Never heard back from them and they wouldn't return my calls. Finally after about 3 months after my first contingency paying race I found a number for somebody at kawaski team green and told them my situation and she had my card sent to me right away. They owed me about $1500 at that point but she hooked it up. You gotta watch that company that take care of their contingencey plan....
  4. MR50RACER

    Flat Abs

  5. MR50RACER

    Is the 07 alot better than the 06?

    So you went green huh.......Kewl deal Josh.......Well I don't know if I can ride this 06 anymore..I can't turn the damn thing for sheit... up in the air on whether to get an 07.. or just go and buy a damn honda......No money riding the hondas though....
  6. MR50RACER

    Is the 07 alot better than the 06?

    Ive had the bike since last april so I have gone through about 10 different tires.....air pressure is 11-13psi depeding on surface.....It has nothing to do with the tires........
  7. MR50RACER

    Is the 07 alot better than the 06?

    Well I hope that is true. The turns used to be where I made up time. Ever since I got this bike I was the slowest in my turns....I wish it wasn't like the frozen tundra here in MO and I could find somebody's to try........
  8. MR50RACER

    Is the 07 alot better than the 06?

    I run the sag at 105 like factory connection said. I moved the forks up also. It doesn't help. I hear they made the frame a so it would flex a bit and changed the geometry a little on the 07..Maybe that will make it turn better.......
  9. MR50RACER

    Is the 07 alot better than the 06?

    I have an 06 450 kxf and I like the power the bike has. I have done alot of things to make the bike to turn without any luck. Got the suspension done, pro-circuit link, changed tripleclamps.. All that...The bike was bullet proof all year. Didn't break a thing. I bought the kawi because it pays contingency in 2 classes with the same vin #. I am considering getting a 07 Honda because I can't get my 06 kx to turn. Can somebody tell me if the 07 is any better in the turns. If it is I would like to keep making that green money for riding 2 classes...
  10. MR50RACER

    Pro Circuit Linkage

    I just sent my stuff to factory connection yesterday. One of their guys "Chris" spent about 30 mins with me going over the stuff they had to offer and explained everything. I asked him about the front end pushing. He said that they make linkage arm for the honda but not for the kawi. He told me that Pro Circuit makes one and he told me that if I still have problems after I get my stuff back that I should look into getting one from PC. He told me he already had the settings I would need to go with it. He thought that my problems should be fixed with the revalve... I was surprised that he did mention a competitors product..It made me feel good about sending my stuff there and they were going to do a good job...
  11. MR50RACER

    Cornering on new KX 450

    Ok so I got the sag set at 102-103......Does anybody here check the free sag. I read an article in transworld that the free sag should be between 20mm-35mm........My free sag is 43mm.. It say if your free sag is more than 35mm you need a softer sping........Well I have a stock sping and I weigh 1955-200lbs without gear. That doesn't make sense.....Anyone got any ideas.....????
  12. MR50RACER

    Cornering on new KX 450

    I am new to the board and all but not new to riding. I had a 2003 yz 450 and just got my new KX. I had the suspension done before even riding it. Maybe a mistake.. The problem I am having is getting it to turn and stay in a rut. I have no problem on my Yamaha doing this. I have heard that the stock tires suck and I still have them on. I am going to try and drop the forks a bit and see if that helps, but alot of the tracks around here have long whooped out straights. So I would prefer trying something different. Any ideas?