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  1. i hope you actually need all that suspension.. geez.. 3000...
  2. Yes i've searched, thanks =) Is it possible for all of this to happen - Coolant mixes with oil via bad head/base gaskets or water pump oil and water seals, AND trans fluid gets contaminated as well via the oil seal in the trans side crank case? It seems like thats the problem I'm having. Or is it just all related to the water pump oil and water seals? My engine oil is HIGHLY watered, and my trans oil is slightly watered.... Help ASAP would be appreciated!
  3. i'm sure they did... Wheels were purchased from a bike dismantler, no chance of getting the wrench.
  4. Excel rims are gold, and YELLOW.. the gold ones are much darker than the yellow- Yellow is your color.
  5. found it... google is beautiful..
  6. I just picked up an Excel/Talon wheelset, used, in perfect condition.. Just wondering if anyone knows who makes these spoke nipples and where I can find a wrench for them?
  7. I'm sorry, why do you need filter oil at the track? or a gallon of gearbox oil? I hope you're talking about for racing and not practicing.
  8. Supercross

    I was there, watched it live- Looked like it just happened, unintentionally.
  9. I just read that entire story.. Fuggin incredible, I hope I get to experience something similiar in my time.
  10. Finish riding out the rest of my life without spending more than 3 days in a hospital at any given time. Run atleast ONE pro level AMA race, no matter my finish.
  11. this post made me :ride:
  12. I'm desperately needing the new sticker...... DEFINITELY!
  13. The only issue to over come is the gas destroying it by coming through the tank. Not sure about epoxy based paint though. give it a try
  14. Because I don't really have favorite numbers. .. . Am i weird? lol