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  1. Well, my brand new (to me) 2014 KTM 450SX-F was ripped off last night in albuquerque, NM. I had just bought the bike and it was being shipped to me in Colorado and the driver stopped to take a break and they nabbed it. Pissed is an understatement. The bike is inoperable as I took the ECU for the injection system out so I suspect that it will be either parted out or they will be looking for an ECU. Any help would be appreciated. Brett
  2. I cannot seem to find one in stock. Where is the best place to buy from? I want the evo system with carbon tip, either slip on or full in Ti.
  3. Where can I get this size??
  4. I spoke with the a dealership in Ohio that told me that they would sell me the bike for $7499 and ship to me for $280. Looking like a better deal.... and local dealers wonder why people go mail order.
  5. They have one on the floor right now.... he wants $1000 over MSRP. Yeah, OK! Check another dealership off the list that will never see my business.
  6. What the fark is the deal?? Everybody else has their bikes but us..... makes me want to switch just out of spite!!!
  7. BH1

    09 crf 450 price

    I won my qualifier that day!!
  8. BH1

    Pax this week?

    Watch out for the big dude on a KX450........ (me!)
  9. BH1

    Cody Fidler - Thoughts

    My 5 year old is done for a while. Last fall my 5 year old son was struck while practicing at a local track. He had just crested a jump and fell and was pulling himself out from under the bike and was hit directly in the back of the head by another rider. He was rag dolled down the track and lay unconcious for several second. He spent three days in the pediatric ICU. I was fortunate to have good people at the track to assist but it was a diificult time to say the least. I rode and raced for years, was injured numerous times but nothing wakes you up like looking at your 5 year old in that condition. The Cody Fidler incident has evoked strong feelings from me. Track owners rarely regulate practice and the responsibility lies with the parents. The night that my son was hurt another boy literally took out a younger rider by jumping to the inside of him in a turn. Sent him home with a gash on his head. I immediately approached the parent and told her that he needed to be reprimanded for unsafe riding which resulted in an argument about "her son is practicing for Lorettas", "he paid to ride also" "he is one of the best in the country", yadda yadda yadda...... If he is such a good rider why is he taking out kids on 50's??? I made my son get off track until he was done. Now I am not casting blame on the other childs parent but just stating that this is the scenario over and over again. At the end of the day it is the parent's responsibility to guage the level of safety and make decisions about allowing children to participate. I dont care what you say, kids do not have the ability to make sound decisions about whether a situation is safe, period. Its solely the duty of the poarent to make that call. I have made the call to not allow my son to ride until he is older. I have struggled so much with this decision because MX was my life in my younger years. All I did was ride, read about riding, work on bikes, dream about riding, etc. I have always wanted my sons to feel that same love for a sport. Things are different now and as a parent I have to avoid my desires over-riding my sons best interests. Do I want my boys to be fast, national champs, etc??? Sure. Ialso want them to not be seriously injured, paralyzed or dead at a young age. How do you look at a 20 year old that suffered a life changing injury at age 6 and say that "you wanted to ride"???? You cant. Off my soapbox now....... This is not to be taken as a condemnation of those parents that allow their kids to ride, just an open thought process to why we are stopping. A few minutes of thought on this subject is probably a good way to remember young Cody and all babies his age..... because thats what they are, still babies in many ways. Whole subject sucks.
  10. BH1

    What did you guys pay? 07' KXFOURFIVE O'S

    I paid $6049 plus tax, not freight, setup, etc.......
  11. BH1

    No More Training Wheels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahh, they grow up fast...... it just seems like yesterday that he was burning laps with the outriggers and now this. Congrats!!!!
  12. BH1

    My '07 1 month ride review

    Well, it has been a month now and I have ridden the bike quite a few times at a local supercross style track. I am a big guy and I had the suspension sprung and valved by RRP and it is perfect! The motor is unreal, tons of pull and very predictable. The bike turns very well and seems to fly straight and level. My only complaint is that the bar mounts are rubber and allow the bars to tweak which requires stopping and tweaking back. I am going to replace them with ProCircuit solid mounts. I just changed the oil and cleaned the filter screen and found the common strands of silicon. Other than that I am very pleased with this bike. Kawasaki may have won over another long term customer! I do want to add the ProCircuit pipe like on the factory bikes but am not sure which pipe has the very cone shaped end. The PC website shows a rounded tip.... any ideas??
  13. BH1

    Where this weekend Bithlo, Pax or Bartow?

    Very well.. he rode last week at Pax but a few 65cc riders were really getting crazy and he decided to just watch.