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  1. moosey

    KTM 250SXF 94db Exhaust?

    Interesting! I put a brand new 450 EXC can on my 'F' and it blew over 96db on FIM sound test. More like 97-98db measured 20" at 45 degress angle at around 5500-6000RPM. I think that the european EXC cans are different than what we get in North America - especially if they are passing 94db. Anyways, I am going with a Leo Vince system with 94db insert. I will us at AMA ISDE qualifier in Idaho City next weekend. Will post sound / performance results when I return. Would appreciate any suggestions on jetting with this system. Currently using JD jetting - red needle -5th position-175main-40pj-2.5as, plus 60 leak jet mode in float bowl. Elevation at 4500' and temps. around 65-75 F.
  2. moosey

    KTM 250SXF 94db Exhaust?

    Right on - let me know how the sound test goes. How do you like the 'Q'? Better / Worse than stock - Any power loss?
  3. Racing this machine in the North American World Enduro Championship (WEC) rounds and New Zealand 6 days. Need to meet 94db sound requirement. Not sure if an FMF 'Q' is quiet enough. Leo Vince claims they have a 94db insert, but system is hard to obtain. Heard that stock EXC exhaust will fit and is below 94db. Apparently a lot of the Euro's are running this set up? Any feedback would be appreciated.