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  1. 05husky

    Elkins / Swimming Hole This Sunday?

    great meeting everyone what an awsome ride look forward to the next time
  2. 05husky

    Elkins / Swimming Hole This Sunday?

    I'm in can I meet one of you at the somerset store? Tried to make the trip just before the harescrambles. Never been there and miss judged time to get there. will be at the store 7:30 ish. Thanks Jeff
  3. 05husky

    Baja in the tight woods (pix)

    Iv'e been buying bikes from him since 93 husky's rock. have a tc 450 now wanting a new 125 I think? a better fit for 150 lbs I believe. I miss riding thier best ever I'd say.
  4. 05husky

    Baja in the tight woods (pix)

    Makes me miss walker valley up north. Mike and Jeff Taskey run the husky shop up thier in everett and have all the parts and jersey's you need.
  5. 05husky

    Newbie questions WXC-610 93

    I have a 96 wxc 610 and on good day I go about 150 lbs and can start mine on the seat. When I have trouble starting it's usally due to the idle set to low. The bike definately has a procedure. start with top dead center and give a full boot all the way through. Once you get it staightend out you can take the kick side cover off and rotate the return spring on the kick gear. I found 1/4turn looser makes it easier to get a good boot on it. But makes top dead center more important. Hard start is in the carb for sure. Good luck.
  6. 05husky

    Elkin's Sunday

    I'll see you up their also. Never have been. I'll be in 4dr white ford w/black trailer. should be fun.