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  1. GRMA

    Green River Loop

    Not yet...but we'll keep working on it....... Everything between Cainsville and Chimney Rock and from White Wash to the Swell = The OHV forbidden land (unless you want to ride county roads) I'm optimistic that we'll get something....... eventually, but what a kick in the pants
  2. GRMA

    Green River Loop

    That one didn't make it either
  3. GRMA

    Green River Loop

    That would be the one BC, Dubinki link and "D" trail also Great job on the RMP eh~?
  4. GRMA

    Green River Loop

    The loop you are refering to, SW of I-70 and the river is now *Closed* You can fill your trailer tanks at the West Winds Truck Stop, at the truck wash...they also have an RV Dump.
  5. GRMA

    Green River/Swell weather?

    you must be refering to Green River, Colorado.
  6. GRMA

    Green River/Swell weather?

    Right now its windy, mostly clear and 53 degs.
  7. GRMA

    Got my chance at 5MOH.

    I-70 Exit 131
  8. http://www.motoutah.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=30&func=view&catid=37&id=64923#64958
  9. GRMA

    White wash sand dunes/Ruby Ranch

    I'd hold off on 5MOH for another couple of weeks, the bottoms that stay in the shadows all day will probably still have a bit of snow/ice (and if you've done 5MOH you know how much fun that would be )
  10. GRMA

    White wash sand dunes/Ruby Ranch

    Its clear and is going to be a perfect weekend
  11. WW is near perfect. And thanks to the new RMP . . . . . Blue Castle and Butterfly are CLOSED.
  12. Snowed about 1/2 inch in GR Wed. night/Thurs. morning . . mostly melted already. . I'm going to ride out to WW today and see how it looks out there . . .
  13. Bout' time you get yer arss over here isn't it?
  14. I was at WW last Sat......Perfect!