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  1. TurbineTech2

    Finally made the switch

    Has anybody ever been hassled that rides the state or national forests by DNR that are running the GSXR pipes?
  2. TurbineTech2

    Good Price on DID 525VM Chain

    Found a good deal on 120 link D.I.D. 525VM chain here. http://www.mawonline.com/google/70176.HTM Listed for $103.95 with shipping the total was $122.13 with Paypal. Its on closeout so not sure how long it will last!!
  3. TurbineTech2

    DR650 stock bars

    I didn't have any problem bending my stock bars after laying down my bike a few times. Once on the trails and once riding with some friends on their supermoto bikes on a track we layed out. I went with different bars because I couldn't stand up on the pegs without being bent over to keep my hands on the bars. I am about 5'10" but still couldn't really stand up comfortably. Not a big deal until you start doing longer rides on the stock seat, then it comes in handy. I went with Pro-Taper bars with the Mid ATV bend. Add the Cycra barkbusters and its bullet proof. Just my .02 cents.
  4. TurbineTech2

    The Suzuki DR650SM HSC Edition in action!

    Nice scoot!! What kind of front wheel and brake setup is that?
  5. TurbineTech2

    Visor Lube

    Sounds like a stupid topic doesn't it. I've thought about not posting this for about a week now, but finally figured what the h#$%. If nobody posts on it, it will just disappear anyway. I have an HJC CL Session helmet that I've worn for about 2 years now. I ride it rain or shine all year round. I am on my third visor, one of the blue reflector tinted ones. I went for a dual sport ride with a bunch of guys the other day and was running in the middle of the pack so I was eating some dust. After getting home that night I was cleaning up my gear and wiping down the visor when I noticed the visor was hangin up on me. I got it cleaned up and that helped but after a couple of days it started hanging up again. It hung up hard enough that it popped out of the locking mechanism. I was going to order another one, but this one is still very clear with no scratches. I tried using a tiny bit of chapstick on a q-tip for a bit of lubricant and that worked okay for a couple of days, then started sticking again. Kind of figured it wouldn't last long, just started attracting dust and dirt from the road to the chapstick. I was getting ready to leave work and saw some floss in my desk and thought why not. Took the visor off and ran the floss around the pivot points on the visor and danged if didn't work. I'm on week 2 and its still working great. It was the waxed kind so I guess its hard or minimal enough not to attract dirt but slick enough to work well. Anyway, does anybody else have this problem or is it just me. What can I say, with two teenagers in the house (one just graduated) I'm a cheap ass and hate to spend money on unnecessary things. Sorry for the book:blah:
  6. TurbineTech2

    how many miles?

    What is the plastic looking part with the teeth missing? Looks like it fragged the crank? I was hoping to get more out of my 06 than 80k. I know its mostly luck of the draw if you do all the maintenance, but with 19K on mine already thats only 6 more years if I keep averaging just 10K. The first year I had the bike I put a little over 12K on it then tapered off a little when my wife got sick. A few more details would be appreciated if you don't mind. Thanks
  7. TurbineTech2

    how many miles?

    Almost 19K on my 06 model. Only changes to the bike are new chain and a gasket for the cam chain tensioner. This bike is the best!
  8. TurbineTech2

    Tires installed $ too much or no

    I like the Pirelli Scorpion S/T's for on road use. When you put the new tires on the rims, use baby powder and coat the new tubes generously to help them slide inside the tires when airing them up for the first time. Helps to prevent them from pinching.
  9. TurbineTech2

    2009 DR650 is up on Zuki's website

    Bring that white bike down south and we'll run her thru some of our red clay, she might come out to be a pretty pink color!!! Nothing beats the lightning fast blue ones:applause:
  10. TurbineTech2

    Tires For The Dr

    I'm with WYBS and have run the Pirelli Scorpion S/T's. I get around 4400 out of the rear, but it's past shot. Looks like a slick by the time I take it off. I have a friend who rides with his wife and they take their tires to the cord, cccrraaaazzzyyyyy. Of course they go thru 6-8 sets of tires each year on sportbikes, she rides an R-1 or her GSXR750 and he rides a Ducati ST2 or his 748. I love the Scorpion S/T's, they stick to the road like glue, rain or shine. I'm not sure how you can get 8K out of a rear tire, unless the compound is hard as a rock. But thats just my .02
  11. TurbineTech2

    Got Ticks?

    When I was a young lad and my dad was in Vietnam we lived with my grandparents in East Texas waaayyyy out in the boonies. When we were running fence to check for breaks my granddad would always make me tuck in my socks and shirt and he had a tube sock filled with some kind of sulfur powder. It had a little funky smell to it but it worked like a champ. Tuck in the pants to your boots and shirt into your pants then dust around the opening with the sock and it keeps the creepy crawlies out like nobody's business. Not sure they have the powder anymore that was a long time ago, have to ask my mom if she remembers what it was. I hate ticks, but agree with grreatdog that chiggers are worse. For chiggers I always get in a bathtub with about a cup of bleach about 1/3 full and it kills the little suckers.
  12. TurbineTech2

    Wider Rear Tire

    I have had Scorpion S/T's on my bike since I had 4K on it. Have 18.7K now. I started with 120/90 on the back and stock size on front. I ride mostly street, it is my daily driver rain or shine. Excellent tire rain or shine and I rode supermoto with some friends and it has excellent turn in and is very predictable. When accelerating out of a turn the back would slip a little with the bike on the edge of the tire. I rode enough supermoto that the tires wore very evenly considering it was a daily driver. I decided to go up a size to a 130/80 in the rear to try it out, still running stock size in the front. It definitely lost predictability in the turns and would wash the front end before reaching the end of the tread on the rears. Before changing the back to a 130/80 I could lean the bike over and the rear would start to slip before the front would wash. It was easier to ride on the edge for me, but we all ride differently so that may just be me. I've gone over to Dunlop 606's to see how they do. I'm going to do the Transamerica trail with my son in 2010 so I'm trying to see which dirt oriented tires I like the best. My .02 is stay with the stock size if you ride aggressively on the road, if not then try out the 130's and see how you like them. And try the Pirelli Scorpion S/T's, they are awesome tires.
  13. TurbineTech2

    DR650 at the Tail of the Dragon

    Here is a link to a pic when my son and I went to the dragon last August. I'm on the blue DR and he's riding a friends DRZ. We had a ball!! We stayed at the lodge down by the dam at the base of the dragon. Its a really nice place to stay, kind of old school with a pool table and ping pong table downstairs in the common room. My son and I hiked up the river by the hotel and floated back down the river to the hotel. http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/orderpage.aspx?pi=04RK00IN030130&po=130
  14. TurbineTech2

    How long are stock chains lasting?

    I replaced mine at 17.5K miles. It was flat worn out, but this is my daily driver so it sees alot of weather. I replaced it with an X ring chain, we'll see how it does. It was about $110 at Cycle Gear. Sprockets still looked good so they stayed on. Running stock rear sprocket and 14T CS.
  15. TurbineTech2

    Battery Dead Over Nite?

    Had my bike for about two weeks and came out of work and tried to start it and nothing. Wouldn't even click. Called Chris at Cycle Specialties and he was nice and didn't give me a hard time, just asked if I used the fork lock and suggested I push start it and check it next time to make sure I don't put it in park instead of lock. Haven't had a problem since.