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  1. MNwilly

    DRZ New Altitude

    Should I have stock spacers+DJ spacers? Vacuum line is hooked up, I've even tried running it with the petcock in in prime position.
  2. MNwilly

    DRZ New Altitude

    Still crap. need to give it at least 1/4 throttle just to keep it from stalling (under load). It was in the 60's today, it's run better below freezing(even stock). Clogged pilot, wrong spacers under the needle? Idle is fine, but just off idle it almost seems to misfire, sitting in the driveway. It backfires on decel all the time. Also has a very narrow powerband. 1/4 throttle to 3/4 throttle, runs great. Above or below, not so good. I've done the pilot test with the fuel screw, and it didn't help. I can hear the idle change, but it doesn't help the off idle issue.
  3. MNwilly

    1825 miles in 3 days on a DRZ

    I only had mine a couple weeks, and did almost 1200 in three days. Just seeing 1850 makes my butt hurt.
  4. MNwilly

    DRZ New Altitude

    Better. I ride year round, can I keep backing out the fuel screw, or should I change the main jet before it gets too cold? I ain't got no garage right now, so working on the bike outside is becoming an issue.
  5. MNwilly

    DRZ New Altitude

    It's getting cool here, and now I'm getting backfiring, and I have no power just off idle. Also if you just hold the throttle a certain position the rpms are all over the place. It seems to run fine at higher rpms, and under power going down the road though.
  6. I just moved from MN to ID. I now live at 4500', and ride to 6000'+ on a regular basis. I am going to do the 3x3, and my DJ kit and extended fuel scew showed up today. S model. Stock pipe. Help! ps The bike runs like right now.
  7. MNwilly

    Paranoid to ride my SM!!

    Just enjoy it. I had my S for a week before I left for a near 1200 mile weekend. Dropped the bike many times, had it in water up to the tank, and rode it home.
  8. MNwilly

    what's the point of having a super motard

    You are aware that there is an entire class of racing for these things, right? What else can you drag pegs, and jump, on the same lap. Track day Sunday!
  9. MNwilly

    Gel seat? do you have one and like it?

    Lower yes, comfortable no. It's not horrible, but it's not better than stock. I did 1200 miles on mine a couple weeks ago. I sat on a broken in Corbin too, and thought it was much nicer.
  10. MNwilly

    400S seat solution: no solution?

    I don't think the foam is too hard, I think it' just a matter of support. I sat on a Corbin last weekend, and thought it was pretty good. You're never going to get pure comfort with a saddle that narrow.
  11. MNwilly

    DRZ setups for Bags and racks

    Last weekend in upper Michigan. 1200 miles in four days. I have the small Dirt Bags, I'd like to have to big ones. I tend to overpack. Thanks to Cannonshot for the pic.
  12. MNwilly

    2005 drz

    I just picked up a leftover yesterday. Got it for $4850, but I don't bargain much. That's just the price he gave me, the tag on the bike said $5199.